Exciting news, we have begun star student and dinosaurs visits.  One child each Friday will be randomly picked to be the star student the following week.  The star student may bring in show and tell everyday that week.  We will also spend some time each day to look at the star they have decorated.  This is a great way to get to know one another better.  Each Friday I will also randomly choose one student to take home my bucket of dinosaurs for the weekend.  On Monday we will get to hear all the exciting fun the dinosaurs had on their weekend sleepover.  It is always hard to wait for our turn but I promise everyone will get a turn!

This week was all about friends.  We continued to learn our friends names and made a friendship bracelet with one bead for each friend in our class.  Mrs. Taulbee our school councilor came to our class on Tuesday.  She introduced herself to us and read us a book about being a good friend.  She told us that words are not for hurting.  We also learned that saying I am sorry is a good way to make things better when we do say things we shouldn’t.  We talked about school rules this week as well.

Our letter this week was Cc.  We made the letter C with cotton balls and learned a couple of songs with the letter Cc.  We do love to sing!  We made caterpillars with C foods glued on them and we made Clifford the Big Red Dog.  We all love Clifford stories especially Mrs. Fenske!  Each day this week we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  On Friday each child “read” a mini book version of this story.  We will practice a few more times and then the book will come home.  Throughout the year we will be practicing reading with mini books.  When your child reads them please have them use their magic finger to track the words as they are reading.  At this point we have just memorized the text but we are starting to learn the mechanics of reading.  Letters make words and words make sentences.  We read from left to right and top down.  These are all important concepts that will help them to read on their own one day.

Next week will learn about our five senses and our letter will be Ss.