Project Description

Our parish feast day, the Feast of Christ the King, is just a week away.  Hopefully all of you have started your parish novena so that we can all prepare for our feast day by praying together as a parish family.  If you haven’t started it yet, we’ve included the prayer in this week’s bulletin so that you can begin.  Many thanks to all of you who are praying for God’s blessings on our parish in this special way.

We’ll also celebrate our parish feast day by dedicating our new organ.  After a process that has lasted almost a year (from the time we first stumbled upon this organ to the completion of its installation), our new organ made its debut on November 10th at the Confirmation Mass for our 8th grade parishioners.  It was a beautiful way to make this special celebration even more beautiful.

All of you are invited to the dedication, which will take place in the church from 3:00 to 4:00pm on Sunday, November 26th.  It will begin with a prayer service in which the new organ will be blessed, and it will conclude with a recital.  The program will be followed by a reception, in which everyone will have a chance to meet the organ builders and ask them questions.  (The process of building and installing an organ is a fascinating one.  I’ve learned a ton over this last year!)

I’m excited about the contribution this new organ will make to our common worship.  The quality of this instrument will surely enhance the beauty of our liturgy.  Additionally, the instrument will help us to be better stewards, as it is bought and paid for, will require minimal maintenance/upkeep costs, and should outlive us all!  What a blessing for our parish.

I realize this is the tail end of the holiday weekend, but hopefully you’ll be able to make it.  What better time than Thanksgiving weekend to give thanks for our parish family by gathering together to praise God through beautiful music.  Thanks to Jessica and to all who have assisted in bringing this new organ to our parish.