Project Description

As we continue looking through the results of October’s parish survey, this week I’ll present your answers regarding the Physical Environment of the church.  “The Church” is obviously much more than a building, but I think that most people agree that our worship space can make a big difference in helping us to enter into the celebration of the Mass.  (Answers were on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.)


  • The church is beautiful and helps our community worship: 4.3
  • The church is clean and in good repair: 4.5
  • The church is comfortable: 4.2
  • The environment in the church is conducive to prayer: 4.4
  • The church is decorated in a way that makes it more beautiful: 4.3
  • The church is decorated in a way that helps me enter into the different liturgical seasons (i.e. Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time):  4.4
  • I believe that those with disabilities are able to participate fully in Mass: 4.1


The most common comment (made by 52 respondents) was that the church is too cold!  I know that there are some challenges associated with the fact that the air conditioning vents are all in the front of the church, so we’ll look at different options with our maintenance crew.  The other most common comments (made by 33 parishioners) expressed great satisfaction with the interior improvements made a few years ago, including the stained glass windows, new floors and refinished pews.  Here are some of the other most frequent comments from the survey:


  • Compliments for interior decoration (17)
  • Compliments for cleanliness/maintenance of church (10)
  • Overall satisfaction with the interior beauty of the worship space (7)
  • The temperature is much different in the front of the church compared to the back of the church (7)
  • Install overhead fans (7)
  • General/non-specific negative comments about the interior of the church (7)


Among other things, the comments from the survey confirmed what a great job our Maintenance and Housekeeping staff is doing.  It’s a huge job to keep the church clean and in good repair, and when it’s done well, it often goes unnoticed.  Your responses indicated that you do indeed notice their good work!  You also expressed a lot of appreciation for Linda Fitzpatrick and the volunteers who assist with Art & Environment, who decorate the church.  They are also among the many unsung heroes in our parish, and I’m so glad that so many of you recognize and appreciate all of the effort that they put into making our church building look beautiful for each liturgical season.