Project Description

March 11, 2018

This week I’ll report on the answers that you gave in the parish survey regarding Youth Ministry, which we offer to students beginning in the spring of their 6th grade year through their senior year of high school.   The Youth Ministry program is intended to supplement our youth’s religious education and is focused on helping young people to deepen their relationship with Christ.  (Answers were on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.)


  •  My child (or I) feel(s) welcome at Youth Ministry:  4.4
  • I have encouraged other people (my children, my siblings or friends) to participate in Youth Ministry at  Christ the King:  4.1
  • My high school student (or I) participate(s) in faith based activities beyond what is required in school:  3.9
  • Youth Ministry helps my child (or me) build a deeper relationship with Jesus:  4.1
  • Youth Ministry helps my child (or me) feel more connected to the parish:  4.1
  • Youth Ministry is fun, engaging and relevant:  4.2
  • The adults who lead Youth Ministry are qualified and trustworthy:  4.3
  • Youth Ministry is well supervised and well organized:  4.3
  • Christ the King is effective at reaching out to high school youth in the parish: 3.5


Here were the most common free-form comments from this section of the survey:


  • Positive/general comments about Youth Ministry (24)
  • Negative comments about Youth Ministry (11)
  •  Lamenting that more students don’t participate in youth ministry (11)


Reaching our high school youth is a critically important task, but it can be very challenging.  Our young people tend to have very busy schedules, which can make it tough to be engaged outside of school, sports, and clubs.  Our Youth Ministry is gaining some traction these days, though, with larger numbers of young parishioners participating.  Abigail deserves a lot of credit for this since she began the task of rebuilding our Youth Ministry program five years ago.  Through the development of the Core Team, she has also been able to tap into the tremendous faith and leadership potential of the students themselves, which is really inspiring to see.  This is so critical in helping our youth to understand that Youth Ministry isn’t just another religion class; it’s squarely focused on helping our young people make God known, loved, and served as young men and women of the 21st century. In order to do this, the Youth Ministry program strives to renew and deepen the relationship of each youth group member with God so that they will be on solid ground moving forward on whatever path God has chosen for them.

Much good has been done with our youth, but there’s so much more potential, and more work left to be done.  Your survey comments will be a great help in continuing to develop this program.  Please keep Abigail and all of our young people in your frequent prayers.