Project Description

As we continue to work our way through the results of our parish survey, this week I’ll give you a summary of your responses on the “Social Events” section.  (Answers were on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.)


I have participated in the following social events at Christ the King:

  • Parish Picnic 307
  • Brewfest 162
  • Trivia Night 130
  • Doughnut Sunday 271
  • None 102
  • It is important to be involved in the social life of the parish: 4.0
  • Social events at Christ the King are fun and interesting: 3.9
  • Social events at Christ the King are well organized: 4.0
  • Social events have helped me feel more connected to the parish: 3.8
  • Social events have helped me meet other parishioners: 3.8
  • I am likely to attend social events in the future: 3.9
  • There are an adequate number of social events that are not fundraisers: 3.8
  • Social events at Christ the King are affordable: 4.0
  • I feel comfortable inviting guests to social events at Christ the King: 3.8


Here were the most common free-form comments from this section of the survey:

  • Some social events are too expensive (13 people made this comment; the Dinner/Auction and Brewfest were the most commonly cited)
  • Uncomfortable attending social events alone (7)


Social events are a very important component of parish life.  They give parishioners a chance to get to know each other and build community in a more relaxed, informal environment.  They also help bring the Church into the center of our social relationships.  I think there’s something very healthy when the people you socialize with are also the people you pray with, and when the church feels like it’s your home.


Most of the comments in this section were very positive.  Large numbers of parish volunteers, including our very active Social Commission, do a lot of work to make sure there are a lot of varied opportunities for us to get together.  They also try to make sure that we have enough social events that aren’t fundraisers, which is why events like Trivia Night and the Parish Picnic are able to be so affordable.  (It should be noted that the two events commonly cited as being more expensive – the Brewfest and the Dinner/Auction – are priced very intentionally.  The Brewfest tickets are priced so that we break even on that event, and the Dinner/Auction is the major fundraiser for the school and the parish, so the ticket sales must cover all of the costs associated with that event.)  The other major comment made was that many people feel uncomfortable attending social events alone.  This point will also show up next week, when we look at the section on Hospitality & Welcome.  This is very good feedback to have, and it will help us to make sure that these social events are not only a place to mingle with existing friends but also are a way to meet new people (and for parishioners who don’t know a lot of folks in the parish to meet people, as well).


One of the comments in the survey noted that “this is a very social parish.”  I take that as a compliment!  And since I personally am pretty awful at planning social events, I’m grateful that we have so many parishioners who give so much of their time and talent in order to make these events a success.