Project Description

As we continue to work our way through your responses to our parish survey, this week we’ll focus on Service.  Christian service is obviously fundamental to our identity as a Catholic parish.  We love the God we can’t see by loving and serving the brothers and sisters whom we can see, especially those in the most need.  Here are your responses to the survey questions dealing with Service.  (Answers were on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.)

  • I have participated in the following service opportunities at Christ the King:
    • Christian Action Commission (33 respondents indicated that they’ve participated in this ministry)
    • Pack-a-Lunch Program (96)
    • Casserole Program (188)
    • Women’s Care Center Diaper Drive (120)
    • Food Pantry Donations or Delivery (262)
    • Holiday Food Baskets (101)
    • Giving Tree (386)
    • None (47)
  • Christ the King does a good job of reaching out to those in need here in South Bend.:  4.2
  • Christ the King provides me plenty of opportunities to serve people in need:  4.2
  •  I support the extra collections (i.e. extra envelopes in my packet or emergency response collections) and I believe these are good causes:  4.1
  •  Service to others is emphasized as an important part of being Catholic at Christ the King:  4.2
  • Serving others has helped me deepen my faith in Christ: 4.2
  • I am aware of our sister parish in Jalchatra, Bangladesh: 4.3
  •  I am committed to supporting our sister parish through personal prayer and/or participating in fundraising events: 4.0
  •  Christ the King has a positive impact on our local community: 4.2
  •  I feel comfortable speaking about my faith with other parishioners: 4.2
  • I feel comfortable speaking about my faith with those who are not Catholic:  4.0
  • I feel comfortable turning to the parish when I have emotional or material needs:  3.5
  •  Christ the King does a good job of reaching out to parishioners when they are sick, hospitalized or homebound: 4.1

Here were the most common free-form comments from this section of the survey:

  • Suggestions for specific service projects (8 comments made to this effect)
  • Service is not part of the culture at Christ the King (7)
  • More service opportunities are needed (6)
  • Our parish is strong in service (6)

There are a lot of important takeaways from your responses to this section of our survey.  We see that there are a lot of great opportunities to serve others at our parish, and that when we make these opportunities visible, our parishioners rise to the occasion.  It’s always inspiring to see the overwhelming support that we receive for programs like the Giving Tree and the Women’s Care Center Diaper Drive, where we consistently exceed the goals we set for ourselves.  (Our response to the emergency collections for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma last fall was a particularly amazing example.)  On the other hand, we see that there is an enormous amount of potential to do even more.  The responses indicate that many parishioners aren’t aware of the service opportunities that exist.  They also indicate that many people would like more opportunities for hands-on service, in addition to the donations they make.  I think that making it easier for parishioners to identify and plug into service opportunities will be an important part of our pastoral plan.  One day we will all be judged on how well we responded to the needs of Christ in the face of the poor, so we’ll always look for ways to be more effective instruments of His love to those in need.