Project Description

Just a few more sections to go as we recap your responses from the parish survey!  Today we’ll talk about communications, how effective you feel the parish is about keeping you informed and involved.  (Answers were on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.)


– It is easy to get information about what is happening in the  parish:  4.2

– I receive my information about events in the parish from the following sources:

  • Bulletin (487 people cited this)
  •  Website (244)
  • Church Vestibule/Bulletin Boards (148)
  •  Social Media (119)
  •  Word of Mouth (246)


– I read the parish bulletin:  4.4

– I find the following parts of the bulletin helpful: 

  •  Pastor’s Column (419)
  • Information about upcoming events (448)
  •  Information about parish ministries (337)
  •  Information about adult faith formation (239)
  • Information about youth ministry (134)
  •  Ministry schedules (293)
  •  Parish calendar (384)
  •  Mass intentions (281)


– The bulletin is attractive and easy to read:  4.3

– The information displayed in the vestibule is helpful: 3.8

– I use the parish website for the following purposes:

  •  Mass Times (168)
  • Upcoming Events (219)
  • Contact Information for Pastoral Team (157)
  • Links to Catholic Resources (50)
  • Bulletins (175)
  • Parish Calendar (161)
  • Ways to Get Involved (46)
  •  None, I do not use the parish website (138)


– I have visited the Christ the King Facebook Page: 40%

– The Christ the King Facebook page is a helpful source of information about parish events: 4.0

– I use the following types of social media in my daily life:

  • Facebook (302)
  • Twitter (65)
  •  Instagram (103)
  • Snapchat (50)
  • None (151)


Here were the most common free-form comments from this section of the survey:

  • Overall satisfaction with communications from parish (10)
  •  Specific suggestions for improving communication (7)
  • Commendation for bulletin (5)
  • Web Site needs improvement (5)
  • I don’t use social media (5)


The feedback from the survey seems to indicate that, even in this technological age, the church bulletin is still the primary source of information about the parish.  Kudos to Linda Fitzpatrick for doing such a great job putting this together week after week.  However, it also indicates that we probably have a lot of opportunity for growth in how we use other channels more effectively, particularly our web site and social media.  I think there’s also a lot of opportunity to use these communication tools to evangelize, too.  The bottom line is that, as we plan for the future, we’ll need to make sure that communications are a priority, both to stay connected to our parishioners and to spread the Gospel beyond our parish.