Project Description

Happy Father’s Day!  Although I’m still in Pennsylvania at our Province Chapter, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some concluding thoughts about the parish survey.  We’ve devoted a lot of bulletin space to giving you the results of this survey, and that’s because I think it’s important for you to know what you and your fellow parishioners think.  It’s also important because the a lot of the things that surfaced in the survey will become priorities in the Parish Strategic Plan that we’ve been working on.


In general, the 600 people who responded to the survey seem to be pretty happy with our parish, but of course there’s always room to grow.  Here are some of the key findings from the survey:


  • While there’s certainly no single musical style that appeals to everyone, your responses indicated a general need to take a look at the selection and pacing of our music.  Jessica has already taken your feedback into account by selecting more familiar tunes, slightly increasing the tempo and introducing a new Gloria.  She’ll continue to find ways to seek parishioner feedback and to find other music resources to supplement the Worship hymnal.
  • The survey also indicated that there’s a need to increase congregational singing.  Some of that will be accomplished through the initiatives that Jessica is undertaking, but that can’t be done without all of you picking up the hymnals and joining in, even if you don’t think of yourself as a singer!
  • One big pet peeve that surfaced involved the amount of time that it takes to purify the vessels after Communion.
  • The temperature of the church was an issue, primarily the air conditioning being quite cold during the summertime.  Gary is looking at ways to even out the temperature between the front and the back of the church so that we don’t have to run the a/c quite so low in order to prevent people from passing out in the back of church!  If you notice the temperature varying from week to week, it probably means we’re trying out some different things.
  • The survey also indicates that it would be helpful for us to find more consistent ways to get parishioner feedback on everything ranging from preaching to sacramental preparation materials.
  •  There’s a strong desire for adult faith formation, and a general satisfaction with what the parish offers, but time/scheduling seems to be the biggest obstacle among busy parishioners.
  •  Young Adult ministry was identified as a particularly urgent need, and Fr. Mike is taking on this project.
  • There was also an indication that some folks have an easier time plugging into the parish (including ministries and social events) than others, and that there is a desire for more opportunities for hands-on service.
  • People feel that more can be done to be attentive to parishioners with disabilities.


As we continue to address these and other issues, I’ll keep you posted through the bulletin column.  Many of these that require more long-term solutions will be a part of our Parish Strategic Plan, which will be published and available for everyone to see some time in the fall.  Until then, please know how valuable your feedback has been in making sure our parish is always improving in our ability to make God known, loved and served in our community and beyond.