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Last month, Bishop Rhoades released a statement concerning immigration.  Perhaps you read it in Today’s Catholic or elsewhere, but in case you haven’t, it seems timely to reprint it here:


“Recent developments in our government’s treatment of immigrants seeking safety and security in our country are very disturbing. The unnecessary separation of children from their parents is immoral, uncompassionate, and harmful to children. In addition, I strongly disagree with the Attorney General’s decision not to allow asylum for those seeking protection from domestic or gang violence. Throughout our nation’s history, such protection has saved many lives and demonstrated our nation’s compassion for the vulnerable and persecuted. I encourage all to contact our elected representatives to urge them to enact legislation to end the unjust and inhumane separation of migrant children from their parents, to reopen asylum protection for those fleeing domestic and gang violence, and also to protect the 1.8 million “Dreamers” living in our country. 


While the Catholic Church recognizes and respects the right of every nation to regulate its borders, this right must be balanced with the rights of vulnerable migrants to access protection and with the fundamental right of all to life and dignity as human persons; as well as the rights of parents and the family, the cradle of life and love, the first and vital cell of society. I particularly ask the Catholic faithful to remember Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — the Holy Family — who were compelled to leave their land and migrate to Egypt. Let us pray to the Holy Family for migrant families today, compelled to leave their homelands because of violence, extreme poverty, or persecution, who are exposed to grave danger. May the Lord protect them and may the Lord inspire our nation to exercise justice and compassion.”


Immigration is certainly a live issue, and since Bishop Rhoades wrote this letter there’s been an executive order that will hopefully result in fewer family separations.  Like any issue, we as Catholic Christians need to look at this issue through the lens of our faith, recognizing that underneath the issues and the political statements, there are real people involved, people who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Please join our Bishop in praying for all of those families who are affected by this issue, as well as for the Holy Spirit’s guidance on those who make and enforce our laws, so that God’s will may be done in our nation.