Project Description

Ready or not, school started this week!  It seems like this summer flew by awfully fast, but this Wednesday we welcomed all of our students back for the start of another school year.  I know it’s going to be a terrific year; we’ve welcomed several great new teachers to join our faculty, and we’ve also welcomed a lot of new students and their families into the school.


As we say so often, the school is the largest ministry of our parish.  There’s just no denying the incredibly positive impact that a healthy and vital school has on our parish overall.  Not only does it attract many new families to our parish community every year, but it also helps them feel connected to Christ the King right away, uniting them around a common mission of forming our young people in the image of Jesus Christ.  The relationship between the school and the rest of the parish is beautiful and absolutely critical to our mission.  Just as the school helps keep our parish young and dynamic, the parish provides a broader support network that really helps our young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and their spirit of service to their fellow human beings.


And so I offer the following prayers and words of encouragement at the start of this new school year:

  • To our faculty, administration and staff: Thank you for the great work that you do, and for the tremendous sacrifices that you make in order to dedicate your life’s work to the ministry of Catholic education.  May the seeds that you plant in our students bear abundant fruit, and may you get to see enough of that fruit to keep you going!
  • To our students: There is no Christ the King School without you!  I hope you know important our parish feels that your education is, and how many people make tremendous sacrifices so that our school can thrive.  I also hope you know how much you inspire the adults in our parish when you grow in faith and love.  May this be a year when you grow in your love for Christ and in your knowledge of His love for you.
  • To our school families: One of the great blessings of our school is how involved our families are in their children’s education.  Our mission is most effective when what a child learns at school supplements the formation they receive at home, and vice versa.  May God continue to bless the work you do to make your homes into “domestic churches” that form your children in the faith.
  • To our parishioners who are not connected to the school: Please know how much we count on your prayers and support!  I ask you to pray for our school regularly.  Catholic education is so critical as we try and pass on our faith to future generations, and we need the prayers of our entire parish community in order to be successful in this mission.  I hope you know how much we appreciate all of the little (and sometimes big) things that you do to support this ministry.


I think the mission of our school can best be summed up in a quote from the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau, who said:  “While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.”  May our work at Christ the King School accomplish that mission in our students every day.