Project Description

As you recall, we put out a comprehensive Parish Survey back in October of 2017.  As we spent the next several months reporting back the results of that survey, many mentions were made of a strategic plan that was in the works for the parish.  I’m very pleased to announce that today that plan is available on the parish web site for all of you to review!


After we reviewed the feedback you offered in the survey, there were some actions we were able to take right away.  For instance, we began selecting more familiar hymns for Mass, we picked up the tempo, and we changed our process for purifying the vessels during Mass.  We knew that much of your feedback, however, would take longer to implement, so your survey responses became the biggest driver of our strategic plan.


This plan will guide the activities and priorities of our Pastoral Team from 2019 through 2024.  It contains concrete, year-by-year action plans for five key areas of our parish life:


¨ Worship & Liturgy, which is the heart of what we do as a Catholic parish.  This includes Sunday Mass, preaching, music and Art & Environment.

¨ Faith Formation, which seeks to assist all parishioners in deepening their relationship with Christ.  This includes sacramental preparation, Youth Ministry, adult education and other formation opportunities.

¨ Outreach & Evangelization, which puts our faith into action by seeking to serve the material and spiritual needs of those in our community.  This includes communications, community service (Christian Action), ministering to groups within the parish, ministering to non-parishioners and attracting new parishioners.

¨ Hospitality & Community, which aims to build community among parishioners while extending a warm welcome to new faces.  This includes social events, welcoming newcomers and hospitality at Sunday Mass.

¨ Resource Stewardship, which recognizes the need to accomplish these ambitious goals in a way that is responsible and sustainable for years to come.  This includes finances, personnel and the physical plant.


If you’re wondering why it’s taken so long to get this plan in place, it’s because we wanted to do it right.  The world is full of strategic plans that never get implemented, and we wanted to make sure that the feedback you offered in the parish survey was used in a meaningful way to strengthen our parish.  The Pastoral Council and the Pastoral Team have both spent over a year pouring through your survey data, prioritizing our parish needs and translating those into realistic and achievable goals for the next five years.  It was a long and intense process, and I’m so grateful that we have so many people who love the parish enough to invest that kind of time in planning for our future.


I hope that you take the time to read through this plan so that you can see how we’re putting your feedback into action.  If you’re not able to access it on the web site, feel free to ask Dee in the Parish Office for a printed copy.  About 600 of you took the time to complete a long survey, and your feedback will help our parish become even stronger in the years to come!  I look forward to reporting back to you a few times a year on the progress we’re making toward the goals in this plan.