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Today has been designated as World Marriage Sunday.  (We’re currently in the middle of World Marriage Week, which runs from February 7th through the 14th.  I assume it’s no coincidence that it ends on Valentine’s Day!)  It’s a good day to lift up all married couples in prayer, especially those here in our parish, and most especially those who may be struggling in their marriage.  That’s not to exclude our many single parishioners, including the divorced and widowed.  It’s just a recognition that marriage is an important vocation in our world, and we have a duty to pray for one another.


Married couples face a lot of challenges.  We live in a culture where divorce is commonplace, and where people’s lives are so busy and hectic that it can be difficult for couples to find the time to invest in strengthening their relationship.  But just as with any vocation, intentionally nurturing that relationship is critically important.  There’s no substitute for the time that a couple spends working on their marriage, and that investment of time will pay dividends for years to come.


Our diocese’s Office of Marriage & Family Ministry has suggested several resources that couples can take advantage of:

¨ They’ve posted a “virtual retreat” for couples on their Facebook page:

¨ (offered by the U.S. Bishops) has a lot of resources for married couples, and also runs a Facebook page with daily content:

¨ Made for Love is a Catholic podcast that can be found at

¨ For couples who are experiencing serious difficulties in their marriage, information on the Retrouvaille program can be found at


Whether you use these resources or find some other ways to work on your relationship, I hope that all of our married parishioners will take some time today to put aside the busy-ness of everyday life and simply focus on their spouse.  Because when we do all we can to support and strengthen marriages, our Church and our world are much stronger for it.