Project Description

This week’s bulletin column will just be a quick plug for this year’s 4th Parish Dinner/Auction, which will take place this Friday evening.  It should be a really fun time, as well as an important fundraiser for the parish and school.


In the days before the auction, school families were asked to do a number of smaller fundraisers throughout the year.  (Many of you probably still have the wrapping paper in your closets!)  The decision was made to replace all of these smaller fundraisers with one larger one so that we could eliminate the need for constant fundraising (as well as the fatigue that goes with it).  The Dinner/Auction has been very successful, and it’s also proven to be a really fun community-building event.  Another side benefit has been that it’s helped us to avoid the temptation to turn other parish social events into fundraisers.  The success of the Dinner-Auction allows us to price tickets for other events (such as the Parish Picnic, Brewfest and Trivia Night) to break even, thus keeping them affordable.  There’s also a segment of the evening that raises money for direct tuition assistance, which is an important supplement to the state’s voucher program in ensuring that finances don’t prevent any student from the benefits of a Catholic education.


I’m really grateful to all of you who have purchased tickets, sponsorships or advertisements to support the auction.  I’m equally grateful for all of you who have volunteered your time and talent to put this event together.  An event like this takes a ton of work to put together, but so many people have given their time freely.  A special word of thanks goes to our Auction Chair and Co-Chair, Beth Elston and Catherine Edwards, who have been hard at work on this for over a year.  To those of you who won’t be able to join us, you can still support the auction by bidding on items at  It’s a great way to be a part of the festivities even if you’re not there.


Please pray for the success of this event, and I’ll see you on Friday!