Project Description

This weekend is an exciting weekend for us. Our seminarian, Gil Stoy will profess his perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience on Saturday at a Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Then on Sunday, he will be ordained a deacon. (Not only does that mean that you’ll be seeing him assisting and preaching at Mass, but it also means that now you’ll know what to call him! Instead of “Almost-Deacon”, “Deacon-to-be”, etc., now he’ll be “Deacon Gil”.)

Gil has been under temporary vows for the last three years, but now he will profess those vows forever. As the Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross say,

“Great is the mystery and meaning within these vows. And yet their point is simple. They are an act of love for the God who first loved us. By our vows we are committed to single-hearted intimacy with God, to trusting dependence upon God and to willing surrender to God. We wish thus to live in the image of Jesus, who was sent in love to announce God’s rule and who beckons to us to follow him.”

In a world that not only seems preoccupied with (a disordered view of) sexuality, but also with pleasure in general, our vow of celibacy gives witness that the deepest longings of our heart can only be satisfied by the Lord. In a world where people seem to be constantly chasing after wealth and possessions, our vow of poverty offers a witness that the greatest treasure we possess is not anything that money can buy. In a world that encourages radical autonomy – where absolutely no one tells me what to do or think – our vow of obedience gives witness that following God’s will for our life is far more fulfilling that following our own will ever could be. And in a world where people use each other as a means to an end, the order of Deacon is a life of service, dedicated to pouring oneself out for others as an act of love for Jesus Christ.

The vows are a demanding life, but an incredibly beautiful one. And for every sacrifice this life requires, God rewards us with so much joy that we could never predict. Please pray that Deacon Gil (and Fr. Mike and me, as well) can be faithful and joyful in living out these vows for the rest of his life.