Project Description

Every week in the bulletin you see a lot of things about “adult faith formation”.  (Our Pastoral Team has a full page every week to share all sorts of opportunities to grow in faith, from Bible studies to speaker series to social activities.)  However, continuing faith formation is essential for all of us, even if we can’t make those parish programs.  If we’re not doing something every day to nurture our relationship with the Lord, we run the risk of growing stagnant or lukewarm in our faith.


I think many people wish they could do more to work on their faith on a daily basis but aren’t sure where to start, especially when their schedules are so busy; so I asked Megan Urbaniak, our Director of Adult Faith Formation, to offer some ideas to help people get started.  Here are her suggestions:

  1. Read the Scripture every day!  There are many ways you can do this.  


  1. Follow the Pope on Twitter.  These are short, yet beautiful reminders for our day. 


  1. Follow Christ the King on Facebook.  We post articles and music in addition to parish events. (


  1. Find some quality Catholic News sources, blogs, and websites.  We all know that you can find a lot on the internet and not all of it is helpful.  I would recommend starting with one or two of the following sites.  Also ensure that every time you read a blog post you read it critically and through the lens of charity.  Social media should be a way to grow, connect and strengthen our faith.  If something seems off, research it!  If you notice that a post is filled with disdain, seeks to divide our church, or labels others, these are not helpful sources.  



  • Catholic News Agency (Good Catholic News Source)
  • Busted Halo
  • The Catholic Catalog. This is my personal favorite.  It is filled with quality, accessible, and down to earth tips on being Catholic in our day to day life. It includes great tips on celebrating Catholic feasts, movie and book reviews, and general articles on Catholic life.  
  • Word on Fire. Bishop Barron’s site shares helpful videos and articles on current Catholic issues and doctrine.
  • Follow Fr. Mike Schmidtz on Youtube. Short and accessible videos that engage different questions regarding living our Catholic faith.
  • The Catholic Exchange. This is a platform for the most popular Catholic blogs on various topics.


  1. Find a good spiritual book.  There are books by Saints and Catholic authors at almost every bookstore and on Amazon.  Consider a topic you are interested in, do a little research online and dig in.  There are books to help you pray, to teach you about the faith, to get to know the saints, to learn about social justice, and to open your heart to the ways God is calling you to love Him more deeply.  You don’t need to learn about everything.  Choose one thing you are interested in now and dive in!  If you want some title recommendations you can contact Megan.  


I’m grateful to Megan for these suggestions.  (I certainly am no good for recommendations involving Twitter!)  But there’s one more that I would add, and that would be to talk to each other.  Ask your fellow parishioners what they do to work on their faith.  Find people whose faith you admire and ask them what news source, blog or book they’d recommend.  After all, our parish is a “family of families”, and this is just one more way that we can help each other grow stronger in our faith every day.