Project Description

Summertime is a great time to get things done around the parish.  With the school on summer vacation, and many parish programs taking a break as well, the summer months provide a good opportunity to tackle some of those bigger projects that can’t be accomplished at other times of the year.  Some of these are annual projects:  refinishing the gym floor, stripping and waxing the church basement, cleaning carpets, spreading mulch on the playground.  Other projects are less routine.  Either way, during the summer you probably see a lot of extra construction vehicles and equipment that signify something going on.


This year we have two significant projects we’re working on.  During the month of July, you’ve probably noticed folks working on the roof of the church.  This project is being done in order to deal with some leaking issues we were having along the outer walls of the church.  We’re removing the outermost shingles and replacing the ice shield so that the area is more protected from leaking during severe storms.  This should be a permanent solution to the problem.


The other major project this year is some remodeling we’re doing to the school entryway.  Last year we identified the need to make the school entrance more secure, and so we’re building two new walls that will enclose the school entrance and make it easier for our office staff to regulate the flow of visitors into the school.  The end result of this should be improved security in the school and an improved ability to host visitors.


Hopefully this sheds a little bit of light on the workers and construction traffic you might see on our campus throughout the summer.  My thanks go out to our Business Manager, Facilities Manager, Maintenance and Housekeeping staffs, and summer high school employees who do so much all summer long to keep our facilities safe, beautiful and in good repair.