Project Description

Our big parish weekend is coming up!  Later this week you’ll see the big tent go up next to the north parking lot, and that means it’s time for Brewfest and the Parish Picnic.  This is always a lot of fun, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.  (But that is totally irrelevant because the weather is going to be great next weekend, right?)

On Friday, Brewfest will begin at 7pm.  This event seems to get better every year, and parishioners who’ve attended in the past can attest that it’s a blast.  There will be a mix of craft beers and good food, plus a lot of good company.

Then on Sunday, the Parish Picnic will begin at noon and last until 3:00pm.  Corn and sausage will be the main dish, plus plenty of sides, salads, snacks and desserts provided by parishioners.  There are plenty of activities for the kids, as well, so there’s something for everyone.

Tickets will be available for sale after all Masses this weekend, as well as at the Parish Office throughout the week.  You can also buy them at the door, but if you can buy them in advance it helps us plan a little better.

Also, a special note to all of you 12:15pm Mass-goers:  I’d strongly encourage you to attend a different Mass next weekend!  We’ll have the normal 12:15pm Mass, but the picnic will have already started, so chances are that parking spaces will be tight.

I hope everyone can make it for at least part of this weekend.  Megan, Linda and a whole lot of parishioner volunteers have been working hard for months to plan these events, and they’re always a whole lot of fun.  In addition to all of the opportunities for prayer, service and faith formation, it’s also important simply to socialize with each other and enjoy each other’s company.  Brewfest and the Parish Picnic are great ways to spend time with parishioners who are your friends, to meet some new parishioners, and to invite friends and family members who aren’t parishioners to come and get to know us a little better.

Again, I’m so grateful to Megan, Linda and all of the volunteers who have put so much time and effort into planning this weekend.  I know it will be worth all of the work!  See you under the tent next weekend.