Project Description

Starting in two weeks, you’ll notice something a little different in most of our Sunday Masses.  All Masses except the 7:00am will utilize high school altar servers in a new role called the “Master of Ceremonies” (MC’s).  You’ll recognize them because they’ll dress differently than the other servers and because they’ll sit next to the presider in order to assist him during the Mass.  MC’s are used in many parishes, and after considerable discussions with groups including the Pastoral Team, Pastoral Council and School Board, we decided that it would be a good idea to introduce MC’s here at Christ the King.

The MC’s will serve a special function in helping make our liturgy flow as smoothly as possible.  You might think of them as “super servers”.  They will take responsibility for setting the altar, ringing the bells at the consecration (a new practice here at CTK – more on that in next week’s column), and most importantly, directing the other altar servers.  This should help our liturgies in many ways.  The MC will free the presider from having to direct the altar servers during Mass, which will allow him to focus on presiding.  It will allow our younger altar servers to receive assistance and direction during Mass, which should make them more comfortable and effective in their role.  And it will allow our more experienced servers to put their experience to use.  We are so fortunate to have so many high school parishioners who have become really strong servers over the years.  Now they will be able to take on more leadership and responsibility, all the while entering more deeply into the Mass.

I’m so excited about this new ministry through which our high school servers will contribute to the quality of our liturgies.  While I’m sure we’ll have a few kinks to work out (as with any new ministry), I think that the end result will be a big boon to how we come together to praise God.  Many thanks to Fr. Mike for the work he’s done to put this program together and to train our MC’s.  And a special thanks to all of our high schoolers who are taking on this exciting new role!