Project Description

Singers wanted! No…singers NEEDED!

Singers wanted! No…singers NEEDED! If our music ministry is to continue to grow and thrive, we are in need more volunteers. Music is a skill that can be learned and improved through training, as with any other, so don’t be shy.  Are you being called to use your talents in the church?


We will begin having a choir sing both at 8:45 Mass as normal and also a new choir at 10:30 Mass.  Having two choirs will allow more people to participate, and will boost our choir numbers for large feasts and solemnities, which will allow us to do more exciting music.  If you are interested in singing in either choir, please talk to or email Jessica at any time.  Both choirs will rehearse at the same time together on Wednesday evenings 7-9 PM.  If you have ever been told you have a nice voice, or you have sung in a choir before, or even if you love singing and are interested in learning how to sing and read music better, please inquire about joining the choir.  We particularly need men – especially ones with lower voices – but all voices are needed and welcome.  Come, let us make beautiful music together for God.  We will have two summer catch up meetings, so come this Wednesday, July 13th at 7 PM in the choir loft if you’d like to see if choir is for you.