Welcome to Mrs. DeTrempe’s Class!  

Pre-Kindergarten at CTK:

Our goal is to give your child the best possible introduction to school as they begin their educational journey. Development of a positive attitude toward learning, through hands-on activities, stories, learning centers, and creative art projects, will produce a happy child who is eager for the next educational step.

The Pre-K curriculum at Christ the King is language and literacy based. Children work with rhyme and the cadence of language, as well as fundamental learning of letters, all to provide a basis for future reading skill. Fine motor skills are developed during table time, and large motor skills are enhanced daily. Activities are structured to provide learning through active exploration and interaction. Each day, the students have large group time, small group time and free choice, as well as circle time, story time and a snack. Of course, parents are always welcome to visit the classroom and participate in their child’s first school experience.

Socialization is an important part of our Pre-K environment. Children learn to play cooperatively and resolve conflict, while modeling good Christian behavior. Our program is designed to teach values and skills in a warm, caring environment.

Children who are 4-years-old by August 1 are eligible for Pre-K at Christ the King. For more information, please call us at 574-272-3922.