Welcome to Mrs. Imus’s Second Grade Class! 

Second grade is, simply put, the best year. Second grade is a continuation of first grade concepts. The students will encounter many of the same concepts that they had in first grade, but will take those concepts steps farther. It is so important to make sure that the students have a very solid understanding of the basics as they will need this as they continue on in their educational career. You will notice that your child has a longer attention span and is able to be a reflective thinker. By the end of second grade, your child will establish solid friendships as well. By far, the best part about second grade is that you will witness your child grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. This is the year we focus on preparing and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. What could be better?

Homework will be posted on the student planner every day for the second graders. The student planner is brand new to them. Please remember to sign the planner every night.

The second graders have student planners that they will write down their daily assignments in and bring home for you to sign. You can also use this planner to communicate with me for such things as a note about a doctor’s appointment, or a need your child has with a certain homework concept. I check the student planners every morning.

Feel free to leave me a voicemail at school 272-3922 x158 or send me an email at kimus@christthekingonline.org.  I will check both voicemail and email daily.

Also stay up to date on class work and information by visiting my BLOG!