Welcome to Mrs. Miller’s First Grade Class! 

Information on our class: 
I am looking forward to meeting all new students on August 23!

Every day, your child will bring home their “take home” folder. If we need to get a message to you, it will be in this folder. If you need to get a message to us, please send it in this folder. We will empty them first thing every morning. We will get any messages at that time. Of course if it is an emergency please don’t wait for us to get the message in the morning. Call me!

Your child will be given a chance to eat a snack every day.Please send in a snack starting tomorrow. We encourage you to make this an easy to eat nutritious snack. We do have a refrigerator in our classroom. Please do not send in a snack that requires utensils.

We have enclosed a parent questionnaire with this letter; please take a few minutes this evening to fill it out. If your child has any allergies, please make sure that you highlight them for us. If there is any other matter that you feel that we should be aware of, please call us as soon as possible! We want this year to be a positive one for your child. We need your help to make this happen.

Keep up to date on everything going on in class by checking out my BLOG!