18 Mar

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all! What a fun week we had trying to catch a leprechaun. We never did manage to catch him. He did visit us, dance in our room, and lost a shoe. The shoe never surfaced either. Those tricky leprechauns. He did lead us on a treasure hunt with a nice treat at the end! I am sure you heard all about our rainbow trail and our treat. We made a few St. Patrick Day crafts and wrote a couple of sentences with a green theme. The kiddos did a great job putting the sentences in order and “reading” them to me after they were complete.

We continued to talk about Lent and preparing our hearts for Easter. We made a book about things that remind us of Jesus during Lent. We had to make the word “of” on every page in the book. We will continue to learn sight words through the rest of the school year.

Next week our theme will be Easter and our letter will be Zz.