Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is in the back of church, decorated with medallions.  Many medallions have more than one item listed.  You are invited to take any medallion you wish and purchase any item listed; you need not purchase all of the items. This year there is a great need for children’s boots.  Please consider taking a medallion that has them listed on it.

The Giving Tree is a parish project in which Christmas gifts are bought for those who are less fortunate. Some are families, while others are nursing home residents.  Over the years we have added the Women’s Care Center, Dismas House and St. Margaret’s House to our lists.  These agencies distribute the gifts to the women and children during the holiday season.

Please return your wrapped packages with the tags securely attached on the Third Sunday of Advent, December 15th & 16th.  Do NOT cut the tags in any way. If you would like to be part of this worthwhile project, but aren’t sure you’d be able to shop and/or return the gift on time, monetary donations are most helpful.  Please put any amount you wish in an envelope marked “Giving Tree” and place in the collection basket during any Mass.

If you wish to help with packing and/or delivering Giving Tree gifts, please sign up on sheets in the back of church.