It is amazing to me how fast time can fly by, especially in the life of a parish. Sometimes I still feel like I just got here to Christ the King, even though I have been here almost five months. I feel that I am only just starting to feel comfortable with my role as a Deacon at Mass, and realize that my anticipated day of ordination to the Priesthood is less than three months away.  One of my favorite programs which I help with here at the parish is our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults group, and while in some ways we are only beginning to delve into some of the most beautiful aspects of our Catholic faith, they are even one week closer to Baptism than I am to ordination.


Our catechumens have been doing great work, and have shown remarkable insight into the life of faith, even though much of what they are learning and praying about is new to them.  Those of you who attend the 10:30am Mass often get to see them as they leave the congregation after the homily to go and reflect more upon the Scriptures.  Their presence at that Mass is a good reminder to that assembly to pray for these people, for their sponsors, catechists and family members, as they prepare to receive the Easter Sacraments. For those of you who do not usually attend the 10:30am Mass, I ask you all to please remember to pray for our catechumens as well.  What they are experiencing in a very tangible way this year should be a reminder to all of us, whether cradle-Catholics or converts ourselves, that we, too, need to consistently renew our dedication to walking closer with the Lord in our lives.


When these people, who desire to join our Catholic family, are baptized, confirmed, and receive first Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil, we should renew our own commitments to the graces we have already received in those sacraments. If we feel that the light of faith in our lives has dimmed somewhat, then we should take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession, where we can admit our faults and be forgiven. I am grateful to be able to work with this group, and with the great RCIA team here.  It is so inspiring to me, especially as I near the day when I hope to be ordained a priest, to recall that each of our vocations in life grows out of the graces of our Baptisms. On behalf of our catechumens, thank you for your prayers and support.