My Soul is Thirsting…

This weekend we pray with the beautiful words of Psalm 63, as we repeat, “My soul is thirsting for you, O God.”  In this short phrase we are invited to consider one of the most basic and human experiences, thirst.  While the Liturgical year isn’t structured around weather, I can’t help but think, what an appropriate image as we begin our summer months.  Months throughout which we will feel the desire to beat the heat with a cool, thirst quenching drink.  I remember as a child the feeling of that first sip of water after a long outdoor game in the summer sun.  I remember my father coming in, hot and sticky from mowing the grass, letting out a sigh of content as he finished his tall glass of ice water.  For a moment our desire is met.  We no longer thirst, and our body is renewed.   However, we all know that this contentment is limited.  We will thirst again.  Christ reminds us that he is the life giving water.  As he talks with a Samaritan Woman at the well, we overhear his explanation that those who drink of his water will never thirst again (John 4).  This is the thirst that our psalmist describes today.  It is a thirst for God, a thirst for true and everlasting love.  It is a thirst that we all share in the very depths of our identity.  However, it is not a thirst that we feel alone, for just as we thirst for a relationship with God, God thirsts for a relationship with us.

We are made to quench our thirst, and we do this in many ways.  One way is through prayer.  The Catechism describes prayer as a time when our thirst for God and God’s thirst for us meet.  It is a moment of relationship, it is that first cool sip of water, it is the sigh of content.  It is also central to our lives as Catholic Christians, and to be honest it can at times be intimidating.  This is why I invite everyone to consider participating in our day of retreat on August 3rd from 10am-4:30pm. This retreat entitled, “I Am the Way” provides an opportunity to learn more about how God uniquely created us, and how our own personality traits lend to different forms and experiences of prayer.  This will be a journey of self-awareness, prayer, and discernment, as together we seek the life giving water only Christ can provide.

God’s Peace,