This Friday we have the second installment of our marriage enrichment series.  The first installment was very well-received, and I’m grateful to Teresa Oross (CTK Director of Sacramental Preparation) and Vincent Nguyen (Holy Cross seminarian) for all the work they’ve put into making this program happen.  Our lives are so busy that I’m glad we’ve been able to create a space for couples to have an evening away to focus on each other and on God’s role in their marriage.  I hope that many of you are able to take advantage of this program.

We all know that families are under a lot of pressure in our culture and face a lot of different challenges.  As a “family of families”, it’s so important for us to keep looking for ways to help strengthen families in our parish and beyond.  Marriage enrichment is certainly one important way of doing that.  We also need to make sure that we’re creating a hospitable environment for our parishioners who are divorced, so that the Church can facilitate their healing and renewal.  (This includes those who have divorced and remarried outside the Church, who also need to know that the parish is still their home and we are still their family.)  Additionally, we need to make sure we are welcoming those who are single so that they, too, feel at home here.

These groups are all certainly on the radar of our Pastoral Team, but this requires more than just parish programs.  Each of us can do our part to build each other up.  It can be as easy as an understanding smile to a young parent struggling with a fussy child; a friendly greeting to someone who’s come to Mass alone; or reaching out to a friend or family member who feels uneasy about coming to Mass for one reason or another.  Often times we’ll find that the simplest gestures make the biggest difference.  After all, if there’s one place where everyone feels affirmed in their vocation, it should be here at church!  I thank you for the contributions that each one of you makes to our “family of families” here at Christ the King.