You may be aware that our pre-K through second grade schoolchildren attend a program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) weekly.  In the prepared environment of the Atrium (on the north side of the church basement), they hear and meditate upon Scripture, the Liturgy, and Salvation History in small (but rich!) portions, often guided by three-dimensional materials.  Trained volunteer catechists use a Montessori approach to help the children deepen their personal relationship with God, providing tangible resources with which the children can pray, study, and practice their Catholic faith now and for the remainder of their lives.

We’re very fortunate to have this program at Christ the King.  The age-appropriate, hands-on lessons really get the children involved, and the amount that they learn about the Mass is really astonishing.  The children often surprise me with some of the liturgical vocabulary they know, or with some of the observations they make about the Mass.  More than that, though, this program really helps them learn to love the liturgy by making it accessible and helping them to understand what’s happening in the Mass.  It’s a wonderful supplement to our school’s religion curriculum, and I know it’s a very rewarding ministry for all of the adults who assist.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is dependent upon having a healthy stream of volunteers to make this opportunity available to our children, and they are always in need of adults who are willing to serve as catechists.  Christ the King will host a Level I Formation Course on site beginning this July, led by Rachael Myers and Joanie Rymsza.  If you are interested in getting involved with CGS in any capacity, I encourage you to contact Joanie Rymsza at or 574-485-7462.  You need not have school-aged children to join this ministry, which is spiritually enriching for all ages.  I also want to congratulate Tessa Mammolenti and Elizabeth Tomasek on receiving their CGS Catechist Certificates just a few months ago, which equip them to work with our Pre-K and Kindergarten children in the Atrium.  Thank you to all of our volunteers who devote their time and talent to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd here at Christ the King!