Today is the Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new addition!  I hope you can all join us for the ceremony this weekend right after the 12:15pm Mass.  We’ll pray for good weather, but we’ll be out there rain or shine!

Many of you have told me that you can’t believe that this day is finally here, and I feel exactly the same way.  It’s hard to think that, when I moved into Christ the King four years ago, my office was completely empty except for a rolled-up document that Fr. Neil left me, along with a note saying “good luck”.  So much has happened since then to get us to this point.  First came over two years of planning, with a terrific committee of parishioners helping us refine our design and assess the feasibility of a capital campaign.  Then came our campaign, which we announced about a year ago.  Under the leadership of an incredible group of parish volunteers, we planned an ambitious $5 million campaign.  The response from all of our parishioners was absolutely amazing.  Not only were we able to reach our goal before the end of the calendar year, but the goodwill and enthusiasm that I saw throughout the campaign reminded me daily why this is such a special parish.  And since the close of the campaign, we have spent the last several months getting ready for groundbreaking.  After signing Majority Builders as our contractor, we’ve been working to finalize our design and make sure that our total project cost stays under $5 million.

Now the day is finally here, and we’re ready to break ground!  I know there will be a lot of headaches and inconveniences over the next 14 months, as the construction site will block off the road behind the school’s primary wing, as well as some of our green space.  But just remember why we’re going through all of this in the first place:  to ensure a bright future for our parish, and to make our educational ministry accessible to as many children as possible.

Please continue to pray for our parish throughout this construction.  Most especially, please pray for the safety of all of the workers who will be working on this new facility.  But also, please pray for all of our current and future parishioners who will benefit from this addition.  Our mission, after all is not to build buildings, but rather to build the kingdom.  May this exciting growth in our parish help us to do that more effectively, so that more souls may be led to Christ by the work that is done here at Christ the King.