I’d like to use today’s bulletin column to give you an update on how the parish serves our parishioners who are homebound or who live in a nursing home.  Ministry to these parishioners is an important part of our parish life.  Many of these folks have been in the parish for a long time and have contributed to our parish in many ways throughout the years.  It’s important that we don’t forget them later in life, especially when they’re physically unable to get to Mass on Sundays.  They’re still an important part of our parish family.

Between the clergy and dedicated parish volunteers, we do our best to reach out to all of our homebound and nursing home parishioners.  Here’s a summary of what this ministry has looked like over the past year:

  • We keep track of about 65 parishioners who are either homebound or who live in a nursing care facility.  We learn of most of these cases either from the parishioner themselves, or from friends and family.
  • Among the clergy (including all the priests, Deacon Joe and a seminarian helper), we’ve made over 400 visits to homebound parishioners over the past year.
  • We also have 15 lay parishioners who serve as EMHC’s to the homebound.  They made over 700 Communion calls last year.  Between 10 and 15 parishioners receive a Communion call each week.
  • Through our 24/7 emergency line, we respond to anointing requests from Roseland Hospice on a regular basis.

We also have special relationships with our neighbors, Wellbrooke and Healthwin:

  • A volunteer EMHC brings Communion to Wellbrooke residents every week.
  • We have Mass at Healthwin every Sunday, which is made possible by the many parish volunteers who bring the residents to and from their rooms.  Parish EMHC’s also bring Communion to residents unable to make it to the Mass.
  • We also hold a monthly Mass at Fountain View.

Additionally, we try to place a priority on visiting parishioners who are in the hospital.  Clergy will usually make it to the hospital 2-3 times a week to visit our parishioners and offer them the sacraments.

If you know of any parishioners who are homebound and are not receiving pastoral care – or if you’re aware of parishioners who are in the hospital – please call Dee at the Parish Office.  And most importantly, please pray for these parishioners who can’t join us on Sundays.  They’re still a part of our parish, and we owe it to them to support them with our prayers.