Over the past few weeks, I hope you’ve seen the announcement in the bulletin about the scheduled power outage that will take place this week.    Just to make sure everyone knows:


(Sorry for the all-caps announcement, but I need to make sure everyone sees it!)   This power outage is a planned part of our construction schedule, and we’ve had enough notice to be able to prepare well ahead of time.  Here are some things you’ll need to know:

¨ We will still have Mass at 8:30am and 5:30pm throughout the week.  However, our Masses will be candlelit and unheated, so we encourage our weekday Mass-goers to go to another parish for Mass this week.

¨ 6:00pm Confessions will be canceled on Wednesday March 4th.

¨ Eucharistic Adoration will be canceled on Friday March 6th.

¨ No Stations of the Cross on March 6th.

¨ The Parish Office will be closed all week.

¨ There will be no SCRIP sales this week.

¨ We will not schedule anyone for the Casserole Program or Pack-a-Lunch Ministry for this week.

¨ Calls to the Parish Office will be redirected to the school.  However, you won’t be able to leave a voice mail for any Pastoral Team members that week.  We encourage you to use email instead.

¨ For any medical emergencies requiring the immediate attention of a priest, a priest may be reached any time, day or night, by calling the sacramental emergency line directly:  (574) 273-6709

¨ To see how individual meetings and ministries might be affected during that week, please contact the head of that ministry.

¨ The school will still have power and will only be minimally affected.  A separate communication has gone out to school families via the weekly school email.

¨ Power should be restored on Friday, so weekend Masses and activities should proceed as normal beginning             March 7th.

Hopefully this will only be a minor inconvenience, but perhaps we can treat it as a Lenten penance!  If you have any other specific questions about the upcoming week, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Pastoral Team (preferably by email rather than by phone!).  And we continue to give thanks that we keep making progress on our construction project, which will make all these little inconveniences worth it.