Believe it or not, it’s been almost two months since we’ve resumed public Masses.  I know that this has been a huge adjustment for all of us, and it will continue to be a challenge until the pandemic is truly behind us.  However, we’ve also seen tremendous grace at work through this whole process.  Here are some observations:

  • Mass attendance has gradually increased a little bit each week.  Our first weekend back, there was (understandably) a very small crowd.  Each week we’ve seen a few more people return.  We haven’t made much use of the overflow Masses yet, but right now many of our Masses are at capacity – we’ve figured out that we can get about 80 people in the church right now while maintaining social distancing – so we expect that overflow Masses will be needed regularly.  However, we don’t anticipate having to turn anyone away in the near future; since we can accommodate another 100 people in the gym.
  • I am so grateful for how patient all of you have been with all of the changes we’ve had to make.  I know that many of these changes are difficult.  People have been so gracious about things like wearing masks and receiving Communion on the hand, which I realize are big changes for many of you.  Thank you for adapting so readily.
  • Most of all, I have seen so many beautiful displays of our parishioners’ deep love for the Eucharist.  So many parishioners have made big sacrifices and put up with significant changes just in order to receive Communion.  I’ve also seen many tears of joy, especially when people return for the first time after a long time away.  It’s truly inspiring; you all have deepened my own faith throughout this whole time.
  • Please don’t forget all of our parishioners who haven’t yet rejoined us at Mass.  They are still praying with us, and they are still a part of our parish family.  I hope that all of you who remain at home know how much we pray for you and miss you.

Just a reminder that these changes will remain in effect until at least August 15th.  When August rolls around, we expect to get more guidance on whether any of these restrictions will change.  Until then, please join me in thanking our Pastoral Team, who have been working tirelessly all summer to make sure that our liturgies are as prayerful and beautiful as possible.