When school started this past Wednesday, we were very excited to move our 4th and 5th graders into the new building!  Now, I know when many of you read that statement, your first thought will be, “Really?  The building doesn’t look finished to me!”  So let me explain…

As you can imagine, building this addition during the COVID-19 pandemic has been very challenging.  The number of issues that the pandemic has caused in the supply chain has been daunting, and we are blessed with an architect (parishioner Andrew Roche of Creative Design Solutions) and a contractor (Majority Builders) who have gone to tremendous lengths to keep us on schedule.  We’ve also been blessed with a great group of staff and parishioners (Matthew Fulcher, Jeff Hirsch, Pat Matthews, Business Manager Abby Doyle, Principal Steve Hoffman), who’ve worked throughout the last 18 months to help us through every bump in the road.  As a result, while the entire building is not finished, we’ve been approved to move into the first-floor classrooms while the rest of the building is being finished. 

So here’s where the project stands and what you can expect in the weeks to come:

· The four classrooms on the first floor are done, and they’re beautiful!  Our 4th and 5th graders have moved into these classrooms as their temporary home until their permanent classrooms on the second floor are ready.  Partitions have been set up so that there’s a physical barrier between the children and the construction work, and the construction noise is expected to be a little less than they experienced last year.

· The second-floor classrooms will be ready in mid- to late September.  We are experiencing a few delays in materials, but otherwise these rooms are in the final stages.

· The gym will also be done in mid- to late September.  (As with the second floor, we’re shooting for September 17th.)  The floor is installed (and it is really beautiful), but there are many finishing touches to put into place.

· Exterior brick work is still going on, probably the most visible thing you notice from the outside.  Fortunately, that doesn’t hinder our ability to use the first-floor classrooms.

· The site work will continue through early October.  (We’re currently targeting completion for October 6th.)  All of the construction fencing should come down soon after that date, at which time we’ll regain the use of our road and green space.

Thanks for all of your continued patience with the project, and thanks for your faithfulness to your campaign pledges.  You have allowed us to stay on schedule with payments to our contractor, and your continued faithfulness through the end of the campaign in 2022 will enable us to complete this project with no long-term debt.  (The only short-term debt we’d expect might be a bridge loan to pay our contractor while we await our remaining pledge payments between now and the end of 2022.) 

In a time where so many parts of our lives have been put on hold, it is great to be able to report out to you on the success of this project.  My thanks to the many people whose exceptional work has made this possible.  We look forward to welcoming Bishop Rhoades here to bless this new building on November 1st