This week is Catholic Schools Week, a great time to celebrate the importance of Catholic education in handing down the faith to our young people.  It’s an especially good time to celebrate the many ways that this is being done right here at Christ the King!  So many good things are happening at our school every day.  I hope that all of us are proud of this ministry, whether or not we have kids in the school.


As with everything else these days, Catholic Schools Week will look a little different this year.  (It feels like I say that a lot these days, doesn’t it?)  Normally we have our Open House today (January 31st).  We not only invite prospective families to tour our school and meet our teachers, but we welcome existing families and even parishioners with no children in the school.  After all, as we always say, the school is the largest ministry of the parish, and so all of our parishioners have a stake in how it’s doing.


This year, though, tours will just be with new families by appointment so that we’ll be able to follow all of our protocols regarding social distancing.  However, we encourage you to take the virtual tour of our school, which can be found on the school web site: in order to get the latest on the great things going on in our school.  And also, please continue to spread the word about our school to families you know who may be looking for a school for their children.  Even if they weren’t able to make the Open House today, we would still love to meet them and give them a tour to show them what our school has to offer.


Please continue to pray for our educational ministry.  It’s a challenging year to operate a school, but providing a sound Catholic education for our kids is more important than ever.