Dear Christ the King,


While spring often signals the joy and hope of warm weather and sunny days, in the Congregation of Holy Cross it often signals new assignments and next steps.


I write to you to let you know that our Provincial Administration has announced that I will be reassigned beginning this coming summer. Over the course of this past year I have been preparing and submitting applications to doctoral programs in moral theology, and I will begin my studies this coming fall.


My time at Christ the King has been a delight. This parish is such a wonderful and faithful community, and I have been blessed to get to know so many good and holy people and families during my time here. It has been an honor to serve you as your priest.


I shared with the students at the school how my engraved in my chalice is both the original date of my ordination and the revised date, because that experience has become a part of my story as a priest. I am honored to say that Christ the King isn’t just a part of my story, but also a highlight.


I am grateful that I still have a few more months with you all, and I am especially grateful to know that you will continue to have the wonderful guidance and pastoral care of Fr. Steve and Deacon (soon-to-be Fr.) Geoff. Our Provincial has renewed Fr. Steve’s assignment as Pastor at Christ the King for another three years, and Deacon Geoff will continue to serve here at Christ the King as well. So, I know you will continue to be in loving and dedicated hands!


Thank you for the wonderful kindness you have shown me and please know that you will remain in my prayers. As one of my friends would say at a parting, no matter how distant we may be I will see you in the Eucharist.


In Christ,


Fr. Gil