This weekend we are excited to celebrate First Communions for our children.  Last year, of course, we ended up having to postpone First Communions for several months due to the pandemic, so this year we’re excited to have these Masses at the traditional time of year.  Our kids have been preparing for this all year – including receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in December – so it will be great to see these younger parishioners join us at the table of the Lord.  The only change this year is that we will have First Communion at two separate Masses this weekend instead of at one of our regular Sunday Masses, but we hope that next year we’re able to celebrate First Communions at Sunday Mass like we’ve done for so many years.


One of the (many) things that makes First Communion such a special time for our parish is that it reminds all of us how important and sacred Holy Communion is.  Sometimes it can be easy to take the sacrament for granted; compared to many times in our Church’s history (and compared to many parts of the world today), we have ready access to the sacrament – think of how many options we have for when we can attend Mass each Sunday, or even every day.  I hope that the events of the past year, when so many people were cut off from the sacraments in a way that they’d never experienced before, have made us all appreciate how special and important the sacraments are.  The Eucharist, in particular, is an incredibly intimate encounter that we have with the Lord, where His Body and Blood become part of our body and blood, and where He has shared in our humanity so that we can share in His Divinity.  The sacrifice of His Body and Blood is the most profound act of love that the world has ever seen, and we are privileged to receive it every time we gather together for Mass.  May the joy and excitement on the faces of our children this weekend remind us all how blessed we are to celebrate the Eucharist.