One of the benefits of being a Holy Cross parish is that we are blessed with the presence of our men in formation, both seminarians and brothers, whom we get to welcome into our parish.  Over the past couple of summers we’ve been able to host guys for their summer placements, during which time we’ve been able to get them involved in all sorts of areas of parish life.  During the school year we also benefit from guys from Moreau who do their ministry placements.  This year we had men in formation performing all sorts of service, including tutoring, school counseling, Religious Education, Young Adult Ministry and even substitute teaching!  These men are a great witness to our parish, and our parishioners are a great witness to them.  It’s a real testament to the goodness of our parishioners that Holy Cross keeps entrusting these young men to do part of their formation with us.


I’m very excited to let you know that we’ll have a seminarian from Moreau Seminary living with us at Christ the King for part of this summer.  Peter Puleo is from St. Louis, Missouri and is currently in his second year of temporary vows with the Congregation of Holy Cross.  He moved into the rectory this weekend and will remain with us until June 21st.  Because school will be in session for the first few weeks of his time with us, he’ll spend quite a bit of time helping out in the school.  He’ll also work on various projects for the parish, and you’ll be hearing more about those in the weeks to come.  (He’ll also be helping out at the Catholic Worker when he’s not at Christ the King.)  You’ll also be seeing him around in various capacities at Sunday Masses, so please be sure to say “hi” and welcome him to our parish.


We are so blessed to have so many good and holy guys in formation, preparing to serve the Church as priests and brothers.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers, and keep praying that God will continue to send more workers to labor in His vineyard.