As we continue to emerge from the COVID pandemic, you’ll notice some other changes we’ve made recently:


Parish Emails.  Last week, you may have noticed that we’ve scaled back from our daily parish email and instead are sending a weekly email every Saturday.  The daily email seemed to be a very effective way to keep our parish connected when so many people were unable to make it to Mass.  With increased Mass attendance, though, it doesn’t seem like that need is quite as great, and we certainly don’t want to overload your inbox and become a nuisance.  We’ll keep up the weekly emails throughout the summer, and then at the end of the summer we’ll reevaluate based on the feedback we get from parishioners.


YouTube Channel.  For the time being, we’ll continue to live stream our daily and Sunday Masses.  The viewership of these Masses is much lower than it was at the peak of the pandemic, but right now it still seems to be important for our parishioners who are homebound or otherwise unable to attend Mass.  We’ll reevaluate this at the end of the summer, as well.


We will, however, continue to use our YouTube channel.  In addition to live streaming Masses, this has proved to be an effective way to involve more parishioners in different faith formation and prayer activities going on here at the church.  We hope this will be a good vehicle for parishioners to be able to participate in parish activities when they’re unable to be here in person.


Social Distancing.  You’ll also notice that last week we changed up the cords that we have used to block off pews.  Now we’re just keeping the cords on the side pews of the Joseph side of the church.  Increasing attendance at our Sunday Masses necessitated that we open up more pews, and most of you have seemed comfortable with this spacing.  We will continue to keep that section distanced, though, for our parishioners who prefer that arrangement.  Also keep in mind that the Holy Cross Chapel will continue to be reserved for parishioners who require masks and social distancing, particularly those who are vulnerable to COVID.


And one quick plug…  Finally, don’t forget to mark your calendar for Saturday August 21st, when we’ll have our first-ever Parish Kickoff!  I don’t know about you, but I’m starving for a parish social event!  While we aren’t able to do the Picnic and Brewfest the same way we’ve done in the past, this will combine elements of both, including food trucks with food available for purchase, games for the kids, live music and a beer/wine tent (in the evening).  We’ll also have a Ministry Fair as part of this event as a way of “re-booting” our parish ministries, so it’s a great chance to get involved in new things or simply to see all of the good things going on in our parish.  Most of all, it’s a great chance to enjoy each other’s company and reconnect with one another after a pretty long social drought!  We’ll keep giving you more details throughout the summer, but be sure to save the date!