Some of you have been asking about the renovation of the exterior façade of the church.  When we conducted our capital campaign in 2018 (goodness, was it really that long ago?), one of the items on the campaign was this exterior renovation.  The last renovation was done in the 1990’s, and there’s a lot of visible staining, cracking and other damage to the surface.  Many people commented in the parish survey of 2017 that this was especially noticeable since so much has been done to beautify the interior of the church, and that the dramatic improvements from our interior renovation made an exterior renovation even more necessary.


We assembled a committee of parishioners (with a diversity of parish experience and professional expertise) to explore our options for this project.  The options ranged from simple repair of the damage all the way to a more comprehensive expansion that would give us a substantial gathering space in the vestibule, which is another need cited by many in the parish survey.  Our first meeting, however, was in January 2020.  (You can see where I’m going with this…)  When COVID closed everyone down in March 2020, the work of this committee was put on hold.


I’m pleased to say that this committee has resumed its work over the last couple of months, and our first official step has been to contract with an architect to come up with some preliminary designs of what our options might look like.  This will help us assess what will best meet our needs, as well as what we believe we can realistically and responsibly do with our parish resources.  (We have some donations that are specifically earmarked for this renovation, so part of the process will be to determine if additional fundraising is needed and feasible.)


It will take us a while to work through this process and refine our scope, but I will definitely share these options with you when we reach that stage (hopefully early next year).  In the meantime, just know that this project is still on the radar.  I take very seriously the promises that we made during the campaign, as well as the feedback that you gave to us on the parish survey.  We will get there slowly but surely, making sure that our physical structure is a place that gives the greatest glory to Christ our King.