Our Parish Kickoff is coming soon!  In just two weeks (Saturday August 21st), we’ll have a terrific evening with the biggest parish event we’ve been able to hold since COVID hit.  It will be so good to come together as a parish family.  I’ve certainly missed that, and I know that many of you have expressed the same thing to me.


So why are we calling it a Parish Kickoff?  To me it seems appropriate to think of this moment in the life of our parish as a chance to “reboot”.  Prior to the shutdown, there were so many wonderful things going on in our parish, and based on our Parish Strategic Plan, we had many more great initiatives in the works.  COVID, of course, stopped many of these ministries and activities cold.  As we started to re-emerge, we were focused on the sacraments and the liturgy, which of course are the fundamental reason our parish community exists.  I am so grateful for the way our parish responded; it was very moving to see how much the sacraments meant to so many parishioners as we started to gather together again.  I’m also grateful to parishioners who found new and different ways for us to gather together, such as the outdoor Living Rosary and May Crowning.


However, it’s obvious that there are a lot of things about parish life that people missed dearly.  People definitely missed ministries they had performed, faith formation activities in which they had participated, and opportunities to connect with other parishioners.  That’s why I’m looking forward to this Parish Kickoff so much!  It will be a great social event, first of all, with kid-friendly activities, music, food trucks, a beer tent for adults, and the chance just enjoy each other’s company again.  It will also be a great way to jump start our parish ministries moving forward.  We’ll have a complete ministry fair for part of the event, with parishioners available to talk about all sorts of different ministries:  liturgical ministries, service opportunities, faith formation groups, and more.  This will not only give us a chance to get these ministries up and running again, but also to breathe some new life into them and help every parishioner find a way to get involved.


I hope you’ll all join us for the Kickoff from 3-8pm on Saturday August 21st.  I’ve been looking forward to this event all summer, and I can’t wait to see you there!