This month, for the first time since the COVID pandemic, we are once again scheduling liturgical ministers!  While our county is still in the midst of a surge in the delta variant, this is one step that we can safely take to get things a little closer to normal.


Until now, we’ve just been using volunteer lectors and MC’s who sign up month-to-month, and we have only been recruiting EMHC’s when there was no deacon at Mass.  Now you’ll notice that we have returned to having four Communion lines instead of two.  (No more making a huge lap around the church for those of you in the side sections!)  We still are not distributing the Precious Blood until we receive notice from the diocese that they are ready to resume this practice.  There are also certain ministries, such as sacristans and altar servers, that we won’t resume until we are able to move back into the sacristy.  (We’re getting closer…  We had been waiting on the new cabinetry to arrive for several months, but it’s finally here, and most of it has been installed.  We’re just waiting on a little more hardware in order to complete the installation, after which we can install the sinks and the flooring and then move in.)


We’ve done our best to update our ministry lists (adding new people who’ve filled out their Time & Talent Forms, while deleting people we know wish to retire from a particular ministry), but we need your help to make sure things run smoothly as we resume these ministries.  In particular, contact Teresa at the rectory ( if you:

  • Don’t know whether or not you’re on the ministry list
  • Signed up for a ministry but don’t see yourself on the list
  • Are on the list but don’t wish to continue this ministry


We are excited to be able to allow more of our parishioners to return to liturgical ministry, and with your help we can make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible.