Slowly but surely, many of our parish groups are starting to meet again.  Groups are being cautious and prudent, given the fact that we’re still withstanding the surge in the delta variant, and some groups will continue to use Zoom for meetings in order to accommodate their specific membership.  However, it’s definitely good to be able to meet again in person to resume the work of parish life that we’ve missed so much over the last 18 months.


Given how long it’s been since we’ve had in-person meetings – as well as the fact that a lot has changed about our physical campus since the pandemic shut down these ministries – I thought it would be helpful to review some changes that you’ll notice as these meetings resume:


¨ The Fr. Tripi Room is a new meeting room that is part of our new addition.  You can access it by parking in the north parking lot near the priests’ garage.  It’s the room furthest on the left as you face the new addition, right behind the new little kids’ playground.

¨ The Fr. Jones Room has been relocated as part of the construction project.  While it used to be located on the southwest side of the basement (i.e. right by the elevators), now it’s located on the northwest side (by the north entrance to the church). The north entrance is usually locked, so people can enter by the main doors of the church, go downstairs and walk through the basement to get to the room.

¨ We’re also using some of the old familiar meeting spaces that we used to use pre-COVID, such as the Computer Room and the Youth Room, so check with your meeting leader if you’re uncertain how to access these rooms.

¨ Please remember your COVID safety precautions for any in-person meeting (or for Sunday Mass, for that matter):

  • Please stay home if you’re experiencing any COVID-like symptoms
  • Please wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated.


I’m grateful for the work of all of our parish ministries and for the ways we’ve been able to resume parish life.