Well, it truly is the end of an era here at Christ the King.  Some of you may have seen Linda Fitzpatrick’s letter in the bulletin last week (reprinted this week, in case you missed it), and it’s true:  after 27 years as our Parish Secretary, Linda will be retiring in February!  As she says in her email, she’s been a part of Christ the King for over 60 years, and that won’t change after she retires.  (I promise her a one-year break before I start recruiting her to do volunteer work at the parish.)  But her contribution to the parish during her 27 years as a member of our Pastoral Team is truly exceptional.


I can tell you firsthand that working for a Pastor is a thankless job!  Linda has had all sorts of responsibilities during her time here:  maintaining all the parish records, being the liaison for several different parish ministries, organizing our Safe Environment Program, leading our Art & Environment volunteers, and assisting with the Religious Education Program, among others.  (I won’t even try to list them all.  I’m bound to miss something!)  But most importantly, she has been a tremendous source of support to all the priests and lay employees who have served here over the last three decades, and a wonderful pastoral presence to our parishioners.  I know that many of you will be quite surprised (and perhaps a little sad) to read her announcement.  But I know we are all grateful for her selfless service to the parish over these many years, and excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her life.


We’ll do something for Linda when her retirement date gets closer, but in the meantime please join me in congratulating her and thanking her, a “good and faithful servant” of Christ the King if there ever was one!  Congratulations, Linda!