From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |April 3rd, 2021|

Alleluia!  He is risen!  It always feels good to say that after 40 days of Lent, but that is especially true this year.  Last year we were unable to gather in person for our Easter celebration, so it feels especially good to celebrate it together (as well as with our parishioners who continue to watch the livestream Mass at home – we miss you and pray for you on this holy day).  I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of Pope Francis’ Easter homily from last year, written during the middle of the COVID lockdowns.  I hope this message will continue to give us hope as we try to emerge from this pandemic with a stronger faith.  God bless you all!


“After the Sabbath” (Mt 28:1), the women went to the tomb.  This is how the Gospel of this holy Vigil began: with the Sabbath.  It is the day of the Easter Triduum that we tend to neglect as we eagerly await the passage from Friday’s cross to Easter Sunday’s Alleluia.  This year however, we are experiencing, more than ever, the great silence of Holy Saturday.  We can imagine ourselves in the position of the women on that day.  They, like us, had before their eyes the drama of suffering, of an unexpected tragedy that happened all too suddenly.  They had seen death and it weighed on their hearts.  Pain was mixed with fear: would they suffer the same fate as the Master?  Then too there was fear about the future and all that would need to be rebuilt.  A painful memory, a hope cut short.  For them, as for us, it was the darkest hour.


Yet in this situation the women did […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |March 30th, 2021|

Holy Week begins today, and our Triduum liturgies are just around the corner.  We all remember that last year our churches were closed for Holy Week, which meant that people could only participate virtually.  I’m very excited that this year we’ll be able to celebrate the Triduum liturgies in the church again!  It will be so good to be back in the church together as a parish family for these special days.  Of course, things will look different this year as we continue to operate under COVID safety restrictions, so here’s the information you’ll need to know in order to make plans.



o   Morning Prayer will be offered in the church at 8:30am.

o   We have been given permission to offer two different Masses of the Lord’s Supper, so you may attend Mass at either 5:30pm or 7:30pm.

o   We’ll have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the church basement after the 7:30pm Mass, concluding with Night Prayer at 10pm.


o   Morning Prayer will be offered in the church at 8:30am.

o   We have been given permission to have two Good Friday services, so you may attend at either 12pm

  or 3pm.

o   Veneration of the Cross will continue until 7pm.

o   Stations of the Cross will be offered at 7pm.


o   Morning Prayer will be offered in the church at 8:30am.

o   Our traditional food blessing will take place at 1pm in the church basement.

o   The Easter Vigil will begin at 9pm.


o   We’ll observe our normal Sunday Mass schedule:  7am, 8:45am, 10:30am, 12:15pm

o   When these Masses fill up, people will be directed downstairs for overflow Masses at each of these times.

o   If the overflow Masses fill up, we will be set up for folks to watch a livestream of the Masses from the new gym

o   Communion will be distributed […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |March 13th, 2021|

We’re just one week away from our Parish Retreat! Our Parish Retreat is always a special event, a time when we can come together for prayer as a parish family, especially as we try and support one another during our Lenten preparations. I’m especially excited that we’re able to have our Parish Retreat at this particular moment. We’ve had to cancel so many events during this pandemic, and we’ve had to severely modify so many others. The Parish Retreat is one of those rare events that we didn’t have to modify or scale back during the pandemic. In fact, because we’re live streaming the retreat, we have the potential to come together with even more of our parishioners.


The theme of our Parish Retreat this year is “In Hope We Are Saved.” The retreat will take place over the course of three nights and will feature three speakers who are very dear to our hearts at Christ the King:


On Sunday March 21st at 7pm, Fr. Tom Jones will give a talk entitled “Called to Hope”. Fr. Tom served as Pastor of Christ the King from 1996 until 2007. He currently serves as the Superior of Holy Cross House, the skilled-care facility for Holy Cross priests and brothers.
On Monday March 22nd at 7pm, Mrs. Megan Urbaniak will give a talk entitled “People of Hope”. Megan served as Director of Adult Faith Formation at Christ the King for several years, and she now works in Campus Ministry at Notre Dame.
On Tuesday March 23rd at 7pm, Br. Matt Rehagen will give a talk entitled “Hope to Bring”. Brother Matt has assisted in our school over the last two years, so many of your kids know him […]

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From Father Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |March 6th, 2021|

Since many people have been asking questions regarding the COVID vaccines, I thought it would be prudent to publish the Church’s response in this column.  (We’ve had links to the document appear in the bulletin before, but I want to print some excerpts so that the greatest possible number of people can read what the Church has to say.)  The document I reference was published by the USCCB (and co-authored by our own Bishop Rhoades in his role as the USCCB Chairman for the Committee on Doctrine) to give moral guidance to Catholics about receiving the COVID vaccines and the relationship of these vaccines to cell lines derived from aborted fetuses.  Please see these excerpts below, which should address many questions or concerns you may have:


The Holy See… has offered guidance on the question of whether it is morally acceptable to receive a vaccine that has been created with the use of morally compromised cell lines.   Both the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical Academy for Life emphasize the positive moral obligation to do good and in so doing to distance oneself as much as possible from the immoral act of another party such as abortion in order to avoid cooperation with someone else’s evil actions and to avoid giving scandal…Our love of neighbor should lead us to avoid giving scandal, but we cannot omit fulfilling serious obligations such as the prevention of deadly infection and the spread of contagion among those who are vulnerable just to avoid the appearance of scandal.


The Holy See points out that there are different degrees of responsibility in cooperating with the evil actions of others. With regard to people involved in the development and production of […]

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From Father Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |March 2nd, 2021|

Lent has begun!  This is an important penitential season where we “step up our game” with 40 days of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in preparation for the great celebration of Easter.  Hopefully all of us have a plan for how we’re going to make this a meaningful season of prayerful preparation, but if you haven’t got your plan together yet, it’s not too late!  Here are some things we’ll have going on at the parish to help you in your observance of this season.


We’ll offer Massat 5:30pm every Monday through Friday during Lent.
There will be many opportunities for confessionduring Lent

¨ Confessions will be offered at 6pm every Wednesday during Lent, in addition to our normal Saturday morning 9am confession time.

¨ We’ll be participating in the diocese’s The Light Is On for You campaign, offering confessions from 6-8pm on Tuesday, March 9th.

¨ Additional confession opportunities will be offered during Holy Week, and we’ll publicize those times when the dates get a little closer.

Our Parish Mission will take place on March 21stthrough the 23rd, at 7pm each night in the church.  We’ve got a terrific lineup of speakers:  on Sunday we’ll have Fr. Tom Jones, former Pastor of Christ the King; on Monday we’ll have Megan Urbaniak, our former Director of Adult Faith Formation; and on Tuesday we’ll have Br. Matt Rehagen, who assists in our school (and the brother of our former Parochial Vicar, Fr. Chris Rehagen).  Each night will also be live streamed, so mark your calendars!
This year’s Fish Frywill be a drive-thru event, with the proceeds going to our sister parish, Corpus Christi in Jalchatra, Bangladesh.
We’ll have a special (free!) Lenten Zoom Bible Study.  Contact Fr. Gil for registration or additional information:
We also have prayer resources available in the […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |February 6th, 2021|

As Catholic Schools Week comes to a close, we’d like to give some well-deserved recognition to our school.  First and foremost, we’d like to honor the winner of this year’s Christ the Teacher Award (formerly the Light of Learning Award), 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Kate Helm.  This award is always an honor, but especially in a year like this one, where teaching is even more challenging than usual.  Congratulations, Kate.  You deserve it!


We are so blessed at Christ the King to have many outstanding teachers (and instructional aides, administrators and support staff, as well).  I think it’s especially appropriate this year to give these teachers some extra recognition.  The COVID pandemic has certainly affected everyone, but it’s hard to overstate how much it’s affected our teachers.  Teachers have had to change so many things about how they do their job, from how they seat their students, to how they interact with their students, to the assignments and activities that they plan for their students.  If you add in the fact that our teachers are teaching in-class and eLearning students at the same time, you can get an idea of what a challenge this has been.


I am so proud of how our teachers have risen to the challenge.  While I know we’re all anxious to get back to a “normal” school year, the dedication and professionalism of our faculty has really shone brightly.  These adaptations have taken a lot of creativity and a lot of extra hours of work, but our teachers have gone above and beyond countless times this year to make our school as healthy and normal an environment as possible for our kids.  I know that the extra blood, sweat and tears that they’ve […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |January 31st, 2021|

This week is Catholic Schools Week, a great time to celebrate the importance of Catholic education in handing down the faith to our young people.  It’s an especially good time to celebrate the many ways that this is being done right here at Christ the King!  So many good things are happening at our school every day.  I hope that all of us are proud of this ministry, whether or not we have kids in the school.


As with everything else these days, Catholic Schools Week will look a little different this year.  (It feels like I say that a lot these days, doesn’t it?)  Normally we have our Open House today (January 31st).  We not only invite prospective families to tour our school and meet our teachers, but we welcome existing families and even parishioners with no children in the school.  After all, as we always say, the school is the largest ministry of the parish, and so all of our parishioners have a stake in how it’s doing.


This year, though, tours will just be with new families by appointment so that we’ll be able to follow all of our protocols regarding social distancing.  However, we encourage you to take the virtual tour of our school, which can be found on the school web site: in order to get the latest on the great things going on in our school.  And also, please continue to spread the word about our school to families you know who may be looking for a school for their children.  Even if they weren’t able to make the Open House today, we would still love to meet them and give them a tour to show them what our school has to […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |January 16th, 2021|

This Wednesday, January 20th, is the feast day of Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross.  Holy Cross is the religious community to which Fr. Gil, Deacon Geoff and I belong, and Holy Cross religious have staffed Christ the King ever since we were founded in 1933.  His feast day is a good opportunity to share something about our Holy Cross family with our Christ the King family.


Fr. Moreau was born in France during the French Revolution, and he was ordained a priest in the revolution’s aftermath.  This was a tumultuous time for the nation, including the Catholic Church.  The Church had been seriously weakened by the revolution, and so as the Church rebuilt, she was faced with a generation who had received little to no catechism or instruction in the faith.  On top of that, the Church was heavily involved in the French educational system, so the secular education system needed to be rebuilt every bit as much as the religious education system, particularly in rural areas.


Fr. Moreau was ordained a diocesan priest for the Diocese of LeMans, and he served as an instructor in the seminary.  During this time, two things happened that led to the founding of Holy Cross.  First of all, he had gathered together a group of “auxiliary priests” who traveled around preaching parish missions in order to try and re-evangelize parishes.  Secondly, he was asked to assume leadership of a group of religious brothers who had been charged with founding parish schools.  In 1837, he brought these two groups together to form the Congregation of Holy Cross, and within a few short years, he was sending Holy Cross missionaries all over the world (including to […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |January 11th, 2021|

Today marks the end of the Christmas season, as we return to Ordinary Time by celebrating the Baptism of the Lord.  While it’s always sad to see the Christmas decorations come down (the church always seems to look its most beautiful during the Christmas season – thanks Art & Environment crew!), we’ll now move forward into Ordinary Time, where our Gospel readings will allow us to enter into the daily ministry of Jesus’ public life.


I thought I’d use today’s column to touch on a few loose ends related to our capital campaign and construction project.  We’ve been all moved into our new facility for a few months now, but we’re still continuing to work on a number of smaller items in order to finish the project completely.  We’re also continuing to receive the final invoices from our contractor, so we’ll be able to provide you with a more detailed financial summary once the project is completely closed out.


As I’ve mentioned in a previous column, we’ve taken out a bridge loan from the diocese to allow us to pay these bills while we finish collecting our pledges.  Our 3-year campaign will wind up in December 2021, so all of the money we collect on your pledges during 2021 will go towards the payment of the bridge loan.  We expect that the remaining payments will fall a little short of the total bridge loan; as I’ve mentioned in a previous column, we were able to keep cost overruns to a minimum, but there were some that we had to incur.  However, we don’t expect to incur any long-term debt.  The worst-case scenario would be that we cover any difference with money from savings, but my hope is […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |January 3rd, 2021|

Pope Francis has dedicated this year to St. Joseph, and so that seems like a good focus for us all as we begin the new year.  The Pope made this declaration earlier this month in a letter entitled Patris Corde (“With a Father’s Heart”), on the 150th anniversary of Pope Pius IX declaring Joseph “Patron of the Catholic Church.”  Pope Francis said that his intention “to increase our love for this great saint, to encourage us to implore his intercession and to imitate his virtues and his zeal”.  It’s a beautiful reflection on the foster father of Christ (and it’s not especially long), so I highly recommend reading the full text at

Even though Joseph doesn’t speak a word in Scriptures, Pope Francis acknowledges several virtues that he exhibits which are good models for us to follow.  He describes Joseph as

 a “beloved father”, who dedicated his life to serving Jesus and Mary
 a “tender and loving father”, who raised Jesus as his own and was an instrument of the tender love of God
 “an obedient father”, who obeys the voice of the angel who speaks to him in dreams, taking Mary into his home and taking the Holy Family to Egypt to keep them safe from King Herod
 an “accepting father”, who accepted Mary unconditionally into his home and who serves as a model for all, especially in a world where so many women are grossly mistreated
 a “creatively courageous father”, who dealt with difficulties in creative ways in order to care for Jesus and Mary
 a “working father”, who worked hard to make an honest living, and who therefore lifted up the dignity of human labor
 a “father in the shadows”, who dedicated his life to the […]

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