From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |November 21st, 2020|

A couple of years ago, as the Church was reeling from the latest round of revelations about the clergy sex abuse scandal, it was announced that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was being suspended from ministry after a credible allegation of abuse against a minor.  He was eventually laicized after that claim was investigated, and Pope Francis announced that there would be a thorough investigation of how someone facing those kinds of accusations could have possibly risen through the ranks to become a Cardinal Archbishop. 

As you have probably seen in the news, that report was released last week.  It is thorough, coming in at well over 400 pages, and the investigation included interviews with more than 90 witnesses, including abuse survivors.  (The full report is available at, and the first 14 pages are an executive summary.  A good summary of the article can also be found in last week’s edition of Today’s Catholic at 

Although the details of McCarrick’s abuse came to light two years ago, this report is sure to reopen many wounds among the faithful.  In particular, this report is different because it goes into more specific detail on how our leadership failed to investigate or address these accusations adequately.  The report concludes that Pope St. John Paul II was reluctant to believe the accusations because of his own relationship with McCarrick, among other factors, and thus didn’t insist on a more thorough investigation.  It also concludes that although Pope Benedict XVI asked McCarrick to step down in 2006 after new accusations came to light, he didn’t impose formal sanctions on him.  Instead he asked him to keep a lower profile, a request McCarrick promptly disregarded. 

It is painful to see that leaders we love and admire should have […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |November 14th, 2020|

I’d like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the good things going on in our school.  To say that this has been an unusual school year would be a massive understatement.  Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of life for every person in the world.  Our school is no exception, and it has taken a monumental effort to create an environment that is safe and responsible while still engaging the hearts and minds of our children and allowing them to still be kids.  I’m really proud of the way that our community has come together to do that.  I’m equally proud that we have been able to continue to have school in person (while offering the option of eLearning to those families who are not comfortable returning in person), especially when I know that so many schools all over the nation have not been able to do so.

Many people deserve credit for this.  Of course, the hard work of our Back-to-School Task Force (consisting of administrators, teachers and parents) throughout the summer created the protocols we’ve been following diligently throughout the school year.  Our administration has worked tirelessly to manage the countless challenges that COVID has created.  Our teachers and aides deserve special recognition.  Teaching in-person and eLearning students at the same time has increased their workload tremendously, but they have done an amazing job in making this a good year for our students.  We’re also grateful to our school families.  After all, we can control what happens on our campus during the school day, but we can only continue to meet in person when all of our families make good choices and stay safe on evenings, weekends and breaks.  […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |November 7th, 2020|

As I write this column, we have just celebrated the dedication of our new addition.  What a great event for the parish.  Even though the weather didn’t cooperate very well, it couldn’t put a damper on a terrific day.  Bishop Rhoades celebrated the 12:15pm Mass, and immediately afterwards we went to the new rear entrance to the school for the blessing.  From there, Bishop Rhoades blessed each room in the new addition, and parishioners from the Campaign Committee and the Building Committee led parishioners on tours of the building.  Since COVID restrictions limited us to one tour per household, parishioners got a personalized tour! 

Many thanks to all those who made this great day possible, including:

· Bishop Rhoades, for blessing us with his presence and for the diocese’s support of this project since its inception.

· Jessica Roberts and the schola she assembled for the dedication Mass.  I can’t imagine the amount of work it must have taken to rehearse COVID-safe, four-part harmonies with singers in four different parts of the church (choir loft, cry room, Holy Cross Chapel, etc.), but it turned out beautifully and made the Mass extra special.

· Fr. Gil, who coordinated the dedication ceremony.

· Aimee Matthews and her crew of volunteers who organized some wonderful refreshments for the event.

· Members of the Building Committee and Campaign Committee, who graciously led parishioners on tours.

· All of you, for your support of the project and your enthusiasm at the dedication, despite the unkind weather conditions!

In this period of time where we don’t get to have parish events the same way we used to, I appreciated this afternoon so much and am so grateful to share this wonderful time in the life of our parish with all of you.  If you didn’t […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |October 31st, 2020|

Well, it’s hard to believe that this day is finally here.  Today Bishop Rhoades joins us to dedicate our new building!  About a year and a half has passed since we broke ground – and over two years have passed since we began our capital campaign – but our new building is finally finished, and it has been worth the wait and worth the work. 

As you can imagine, the COVID pandemic threw many wrenches into our construction timeline.  We were blessed with an intrepid crew who made countless adjustments in order to keep the project on track.  We ended up moving into the building in stages.  We were able to move into the downstairs classrooms when school started in August.  Then we moved into the second-floor classrooms in early October.  Finally, we just completed the gym this past week.  I think everyone will agree that the quality of the construction is outstanding. 

Financially, we are very blessed that parishioners have been so faithful with their campaign pledges.  Since we will still be collecting pledges through the end of 2021, we have taken out a bridge loan with the diocese to allow us to pay our final construction costs.  Once these costs (and the amount of the loan) are finalized, we’ll start publishing it in the bulletin so that you can see as we work that balance down.

So much work went into this project, and there are many people to thank.  The capital campaign was led by an amazing committee of parishioners:  Chris De Trempe, Juli Hardig, Bill Kempf and Aimee Matthews.  Parishioners Matthew Fulcher and Pat Matthews were on our building committee, along with our architect Creative Design Solutions (led by parishioner Andrew Roche), our general […]

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From Fr. Mike Palmer, CSC

By |October 24th, 2020|

 My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In July 2016, I arrived at Christ the King straight out of the seminary, wide-eyed and eager to go work in the vineyard. A few months later, as a brand-new deacon, I administered my very first Sacrament by baptizing three young siblings at CTK – talk about a “welcome to Holy Orders” moment! This triple Baptism foreshadowed a common theme during my time here: at every turn, God has surprised me by pouring out more blessings than I could’ve possibly hoped for. And during these past four years, I quickly grew to love the new family that God and Holy Cross sent me to serve – namely, all of you.

When pouring out the waters of Baptism and the sweet anointing of Confirmation, I have seen the Holy Spirit rush upon the very souls of our sons and daughters. In Reconciliation, I have seen Christ’s tender mercy heal impossible wounds and restore light to those in darkness. I have witnessed the radiance of Christ in the beaming eyes of First Communicants and on the joyful faces of a husband and wife being united in Holy Matrimony. And even on the very threshold of death, I have witnessed the triumph of Christ’s eternal hope that conquers all grief and sorrow. Praise God for His everlasting goodness!

I am incredibly grateful for so many people here at CTK. First and foremost, thank you to my brothers in Holy Cross: Fr. Steve, Fr. Michael, Fr. Gil, and Deacon Geoff. Your fraternal love and unwavering support have meant the world to me, especially as I learned how to live out my vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the parish. I could not ask for […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |October 18th, 2020|

Just over a week ago, we had our first on-site parish-wide function since the COVID-19-related closures began.  The Living Rosary (a suggestion of your Pastoral Council) was an amazing event.  It was held outdoors in the parking lot, with each participant counting as one “bead” of the rosary.  We were able to keep everyone 6 feet apart from one another and still pray together as one community.  It was a great mix of parishioners – old and young, long-time parishioners and new families – all gathered in prayer.  (I venture to guess that we were a good witness to the folks passing by on 933 that evening.)  Most of all, though, it was just good to be together in person, even with all of the COVID precautions in place.  I have really missed that, and I could tell that the parishioners who were there missed it, too.

We have another parish event coming up:  the dedication of our new building!  Bishop Rhoades will preside at the 12:15pm Mass, and then we’ll head over to the new building immediately afterwards.  (I expect that we’ll probably fill up our available, socially distanced seating, so the Mass will also be live streamed in the basement.)  The dedication will take place outside, rain or shine.  (Trust me, no matter what the weather is … we’re dedicating this building!!!)  Then we’ll have tours available for anyone who’s interested, as volunteers from our Building Committee and Campaign Committee will lead tours for one household at a time.  Again, we’re being very cautious in how we execute this event, but I’m so glad we’ll be able to gather for this great parish milestone.

Other parish groups have asked when they can begin meeting again.  […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |October 10th, 2020|

As you are well aware, Election Day is fast approaching.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church stresses the importance of exercising our right to vote, but we’re also aware of how challenging it can be for a Catholic to cast their vote when neither political party fully embodies our beliefs as Catholics.  (This is especially striking in this year when the relationship between faith and politics is playing out so dramatically in Judge Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.) 

Bishop Rhoades recently gave a talk entitled Faithful Citizenship in a Divided Nation:  The Political Responsibility of Catholics at Holy Cross College.  I encourage you to read the full text at, but I’d like to summarize some very important points that he made.  I think he offers us a lot to think about as we discern our votes.

Bishop Rhoades says that “Faithful citizenship demands that Catholics hold fast to the teachings of the Church and not succumb to the temptation of adopting positions of either political party that are inimical to the truths of our faith”, and that this makes us “politically homeless” because neither party fully embraces the Catholic worldview.  He points out the extreme polarization that exists in politics and how this attitude of division has found its way into the Church.  He says, “Catholics should be part of the solution, not part of the problem that we face in our polarized society. We are called to be better.”

He continues that we need to have a well-formed conscience because “[t]here are parts of the traditional platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties that are in accord with Catholic social teaching. There are also parts of each platform that are not.”  He also warns us about “the sad reality […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |October 3rd, 2020|

This weekend (Saturday October 3rd) we celebrate the feast of St. Mother Theodore Guerin.  She’s someone with whom we should all be familiar because she is Indiana’s very own saint!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mother Guerin, here’s a synopsis of her life from the website of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods (

Saint Mother Theodore was a woman of courage, determination and compassion. From a young age she faced many challenges. Her trust in Providence – the protective care of God – helped her accomplish many things.

After the tragic deaths of both her brothers and her father, Saint Mother Theodore spent many years taking care of her mother and sister. Her deep desire to serve God would have to wait. At the age of 25 her mother finally allowed her to follow her dream and devote her life entirely to God.

Saint Mother Theodore entered religious life with the Sisters of Providence of Ruillé sur-Loir, France. It was around this time that she began having health issues that would plague her for the rest of her life. This did not deter her.

As a new sister Saint Mother Theodore was sent to various parishes in France where she taught, helped the poor and cared for the sick. When the bishop of Vincennes, Indiana requested sisters to come to the New World to help with the influx of Catholic immigrants, Saint Mother Theodore was thought to be the only woman who could undertake such a demanding mission.

The journey was long and difficult. After traveling for nearly three months Saint Mother Theodore and her five companions arrived only to discover they were in the remote wilderness of Indiana known as Saint […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |September 27th, 2020|

There’s an awful lot going on at the parish these days, so this week’s bulletin column will be a little bit of a hodgepodge.  Here are a few things you should be aware of:

We finally have some definite information to pass onto you about Fr. Mike’s departure from Christ the King.  Fr. Mike is scheduled to begin his new assignment as an active-duty Army Chaplain at Fort Benning, Georgia, this November.  Therefore, his last day at Christ the King will be Sunday October 25th.  Fr. Mike will preside at all of the Masses on the weekend of October 24-25.  We won’t be able to have the kind of going-away reception that we usually do, but our Pastoral Team is thinking of some more creative ways to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to say good-bye.  Please keep Fr. Mike in your prayers during this time of transition.

We continue to make progress on our building.  As I mentioned in an earlier column, we moved into the four 1st-floor classrooms at the end of the August when we started school.  This week we’ll be able to move into the 2nd-floor classrooms!  That leaves the gym and a few more miscellaneous locations before we have total occupancy.  In the meantime, I think everyone agrees that the new rooms are beautiful!  I’m so grateful to the contractors who have worked so hard to make this new building a reality in such a challenging environment.  I’m also incredibly grateful to our teachers who have been so flexible as we’ve had to move into the new building in stages.

¨ We’re so excited to host our first in-person parish event in ages, a Living Rosary on Wednesday October 7th (the Memorial of Our […]

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From Fr. Steve Lacroix, CSC

By |September 13th, 2020|

Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that we’ve reconfigured our seating.  Instead of every third pew being available, we’ve opened every other pew.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a marked uptick in Mass attendance, even at Masses that previously were never close to being full.  The Pastoral Team and Pastoral Council both engaged in discussions about the best way to manage this increased attendance, keeping people as safe as possible while maximizing the number of people who can celebrate Mass in the church.  (The overwhelming feedback that we got suggested that people would much rather be in the church than watching a live stream in the basement.) 

This new arrangement should allow us to accommodate more people in the church, while still keeping people 6 feet apart.  The previous arrangement separated folks by far more than 6 feet, which we thought was the prudent way to go during the first few months of reopening.  After carefully watching what other local parishes are doing, we felt this was a good time to make this change. 

In the coming weeks, you should also notice some additional signage that will spell out how and where to sit in the available pews in order to accommodate the greatest number of people while maintaining six feet of distance between people.  I know this is a little bit of micro-managing, but since we’re still knee-deep in this pandemic, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Additionally, beginning this weekend we’ll offer an overflow Mass in the basement.  Now that Fr. Gil has been ordained and we’re back up to two priests on Sundays, we’ll be able to offer a live Mass in the basement instead of just live streaming […]

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