From Megan Bazler, Director of Adult Faith Formation

By |June 22nd, 2013|

My Soul is Thirsting…

This weekend we pray with the beautiful words of Psalm 63, as we repeat, “My soul is thirsting for you, O God.”  In this short phrase we are invited to consider one of the most basic and human experiences, thirst.  While the Liturgical year isn’t structured around weather, I can’t help but think, what an appropriate image as we begin our summer months.  Months throughout which we will feel the desire to beat the heat with a cool, thirst quenching drink.  I remember as a child the feeling of that first sip of water after a long outdoor game in the summer sun.  I remember my father coming in, hot and sticky from mowing the grass, letting out a sigh of content as he finished his tall glass of ice water.  For a moment our desire is met.  We no longer thirst, and our body is renewed.   However, we all know that this contentment is limited.  We will thirst again.  Christ reminds us that he is the life giving water.  As he talks with a Samaritan Woman at the well, we overhear his explanation that those who drink of his water will never thirst again (John 4).  This is the thirst that our psalmist describes today.  It is a thirst for God, a thirst for true and everlasting love.  It is a thirst that we all share in the very depths of our identity.  However, it is not a thirst that we feel alone, for just as we thirst for a relationship with God, God thirsts for a relationship with us.

We are made to quench our thirst, and we do this in many ways.  One way is through prayer.  The Catechism describes […]

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NEW Parish Pictorial Directory

By |June 11th, 2013|

Dear Church Family,
We are excited to announce that we have requested the services of Lifetouch Church Directories to prepare our Pictorial Directory.  It will contain color portraits of all the families, some candid pictures of our activities and updated addresses and phone numbers.
Each family photographed will select a pose for the directory, and receive FREE:   

An 8 x 10 Portrait or 9 Wallets

A Church Directory

For your convenience, you will be able to view your portraits within minutes from having
them taken. There is NO OBLIGATION , however, you will have the opportunity to order portraits. Please bring your credit card, cash or checkbook.
Do you know all fellow members by name? Are there families whom you do not know? We feel that this full color Church Pictorial Directory will help you to know each other and build stronger unity and closer fellowship. This Directory also serves as a very important outreach ministry tool.
If you are a generational family e.g. Grandparents, daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren, consider signing up together and having a generations picture taken along with your individual family pictures. You can also bring your musical instrument, sports paraphernalia, or a pet to reflect your personality in the photo.
All friends of the church are welcome & will receive the complimentary 8×10 but only our church family will receive the directory.  So invite other family members or friends for photos.
1)      Schedule an appointment online at the church website and receive a $10 coupon on your reminder email
2)      Sign up on Sundays at church
Please sign up ASAP to lock in your preferred date.  Plan to be here for about 1 hour.
The photography sessions are here at the church on:
July      31        2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Aug      1          […]

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Congratulations to our Education for Ministry Graduates 2013

By |May 24th, 2013|

Congratulations to Christine Kelley, Laurie Kirkman, Martha Suter and Theresa Weishaar, who graduated on May 22nd  from the Diocesan Education for Ministry two year course.   Education for Ministry is a two-year program offering a rich foundation in the study of Catholic Theology.  This program is intended for those participating in various  ministries in the diocese, such as  Catholic School teachers, parish catechists, Directors of Religious Education, Coordinators of Religious Education, Youth Ministers and RCIA Team Members, as well as home-schooling parents. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive Diocesan Certification in Catechetical Leadership.


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From Fr. Jarrod Waugh, CSC

By |April 13th, 2013|

I cannot begin to thank all you here at Christ the King for the prayers and support  you have given me  during my final months of preparation for the priesthood. It was so meaningful to see many of you at my ordination Mass, at my First Mass, and at other times that weekend as you shared well wishes and congratulations.

I am so grateful to God who, in His Providence, has placed me in this parish family as I learn how to be a priest. I will count on your continued prayers to support me as I continue to make this transition into presbyteral ministry.  I just finished saying my first all-school Mass for our school kids, and it is such a humbling experience to look out at our teachers, staff and students, as I have the privilege to offer the Blessed Sacrament with and for you. God is the source of all our gifts, and there is no gift greater that we can offer back to God than the gift of his Son really present in the Eucharist.

In the next couple of weeks, I will spend some time with my family in southeast Kansas, and will celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving at my home parish, St. Patrick’s in Parsons, on April 20.  Please remember me and my family in your prayers in a special way on that day.

After you are first ordained a priest, you have the opportunity to go and say Masses at places that have been important for you in your life and along your vocation journey. Sunday evening, for my second Mass, I was able to say Mass in the chapel of Keough Hall at Notre Dame, which is the dorm I […]

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Presbyteral Ordination

By |April 1st, 2013|

Presbyteral Ordination

Deacon Jarrod’s ordination to the priesthood is next weekend, and everyone from Christ the King is encouraged to attend!  The Mass of Presbyteral Ordination will take place on Saturday April 6th at 2:00 PM at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the Notre Dame campus, a reception will follow at the Administration Building.  Then Fr. Jarrod’s first Mass will be on Sunday April 7th at our 12:15 Mass, with a reception to follow in the lower level.  Please join in these wonderful celebrations!


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Fast for Life

By |March 8th, 2013|

A new “Pledge to Fast” webpage has been developed as part of the U.S. bishops’ Call to Prayer for life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty: Those interested in joining can sign up for regular e-mails and can text “FAST” to 99000 for weekly reminders and prayer intentions. The bishops’ call is a wonderful opportunity to live Lent in this Year of Faith with fervent prayer and sacrifice. In particular, as the Supreme Court begins during Holy Week to consider the two most significant marriage cases in the history of our nation, our prayers and sacrifices for the protection of marriage and for our Supreme Court justices are incredibly important. A Facebook event page is available at Please help spread the word!

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Parish Breakfast Sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 451

By |March 4th, 2013|

Boy Scout Troop 451 is having a Parish Breakfast March 17th from 7:30 am till noon.  Please come to enjoy good food and fellowship while supporting your Troop.  Adults (11 and older) are $5 ($6 at the door).  Children ages 4 – 10 are $3 ($4 at the door).  Children 3 and under are free!  We will be selling advance tickets next weekend (March 9th/10th) after all Masses.

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Hospitality at Christ the King

By |February 28th, 2013|

“Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels.” (Hebrews 13:2)

Calling all Men, Women, and Families! Do you enjoy welcoming others to Mass? Is hospitality a central part of your faith and family life? Then please consider joining us Sunday, March 17th @1:45pm for our Ministers of Hospitality Lunch and Training.


Hospitality is our opportunity to share Christ’s love with everyone who enters our doors.  It is our call as bearers of the Gospel to welcome everyone as a child of God and a member of our own body.  We are looking for people of all ages (even families with children can do this ministry together) who are committed to being the smiling and welcoming faces of our worshiping community.

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Becoming People of Prayer

By |February 26th, 2013|

Please join us every Sunday Afternoon during Lent from 4-5pm in the Holy Cross Chapel for our Lenten Series on Prayer, “Becoming People of Prayer”.

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes we can make as Christians is having an overly idealized understanding of what prayer is.  We think that if we are not have mystical experiences of close encounters with God we must be doing something wrong.  This Lent we would like to try to break this misconception and explore some of the beautiful prayer practices within the tradition of our Church. 

Please join us every week as we first discuss a different facet or practice of prayer and then engage in that prayer together. 

Becoming People of Prayer
Lent 2013

Feb. 17th: “What is Prayer” Explore the nature and tradition of Prayer in the Christian life.
Feb. 24th: “Modern Asceticism” Join Deacon Jarrod as he discusses how the traditions of Fasting, Praying, and Giving Alms are central to our call as Catholics.
March 3rd: “Praying with the Church in the Time of Transition” Join Megan as she discusses the importance of the Church’s life of prayer in the face of transition.
March 10th: “Lectio Divina: Praying with God’s Word” Join Megan again as together we engage the scriptures in this beautiful and ancient contemplative prayer.
March 17th: “Ignatian Spirituality” Explore and experience the contemplative and imaginative prayer of Ignatius of Loyola with Fr. Steve Lacroix.
March 24th: “Taize Prayer” Don’t miss the chance to begin your Holy Week with the meditative and musical prayer of Taize.

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Lenten Resources

By |February 26th, 2013|

It is amazing that we already find ourselves in the second week of Lent!  Perhaps some of us are feeling confident that our Lenten prayer and practices are challenging and forming us into radical bearers of the Gospel.  Others, may find themselves floundering with their promises, while still others have yet to find a form of prayer or reflection that they can commit to this Lenten Season. 

Wherever you find yourself, some of these Lenten Resources may be perfect for you.  So resolve to take a few moments each day this Lent to grow deeper in faith and love of our God. 

I Breviary – A perfect way to pray the Liturgy of Hours (the prayer of the Universal Church) every day from the convenience of your own digital device!

USCCB Lenten Resources – From family prayer resources to reflections on weekly scripture, this page has anything you need to enter into the Season. 

Family Rosary- Helpful and creative ideas for parents looking for ways to pray as a family. 

Lenten Resources/Readings – This website is full of weekly and daily reflections, readings and activities! 

Renew Int. Blog- Even if you aren’t a part of an ARISE community, this is a reflective and prayerful blog for you!

30 Day Online Retreat with Blessed Basil Moreau- This is a wonderful online resource that provides all you need to experience a beautiful online retreat just a few minutes each day from the comfort of your own home.

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