Project Description

Well, believe it or not, it’s already time for Back-to-School!  Tomorrow (Monday the 12th) is the Book Sale and Picture Day, and the first day of school is this Wednesday the 14th.  It will be a busy year with all of the construction happening on-site, but it will be exciting for many other reasons as well.  In particular, we’re blessed to have an additional section of half-day pre-Kindergarten to accommodate the increased demand for this program.  (The new building will open not a moment too soon!)

I’d ask that all parishioners keep the school in your prayers as we begin this new year.  The school is the largest ministry of the parish, and whether or not you have kids in the school, all of us are heavily invested in this ministry.  Our Sunday collections provide a considerable subsidy to the school that allows us to discount tuition for active parishioners, especially those with multiple children.  And the benefits of the school extend to the entire parish, attracting new parishioners, helping parishioners build a sense of community and keeping our parish vibrant and dynamic.  But most importantly, I am 100% convinced that Catholic schools are vital to handing on our faith and keeping our kids Catholic.  While a Catholic education can’t guarantee that a child will grow up to be a practicing adult, it certainly increases the odds, and gives that child a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.


With that in mind, please join me in praying for our school:

  • For our students:  May this year help you to not only grow in knowledge but more so in wisdom, so that you come to know Jesus better and love Him more deeply and center your lives around Him.
  • For our parents and families:  May God bless the work that you do in making your home a true “domestic church”, so that each child’s experiences at school and at home work together to form that child into a true Christian disciple.
  • For our teachers, administration and staff:  May God bless the good work you do each day, that the sacrifices you have made in order to devote your career to Catholic education may bear fruit, now and in the kingdom to come.
  • For our new students and families:  Welcome to Christ the King!  May you find our community to be welcoming and nurturing, one that draws your family into a deeper relationship with Christ.


Welcome Back!