Project Description

This weekend we begin the Diaper Drive for the Women’s Care Center, which will continue for the next three weekends (through October 6th).  You’ll see a box in the vestibule to collect diapers, which will then be distributed to clients at the Women’s Care Center, who earn them through a variety of activities, such as attending Parenting Classes or Baby Well-Visits.  It’s always one of my favorite events of the year because it’s so easy to do – as simple as picking up an extra bag of diapers on your regular trip to the grocery store – and yet it makes such an incredible difference in the lives of expectant mothers who might feel scared or alone.  I especially love hearing stories from parents who say that their young children reminded them to pick up diapers while they were at the store; it gives me great hope that these young children are learning that every baby is a gift to be loved and treasured.  Our parish has always supported this drive enthusiastically; last year we collected a whopping 3,789 diapers!


The work of the Women’s Care Center hits even closer to home for us here at Christ the King.  Many of our parishioners are involved in the Center as counselors, volunteers or fundraisers.  Our 3rd grade class has adopted the Center as its partner in our School Service Program, and they work with them on various projects throughout the year.  And the Center’s Volunteer President, Ann Manion, is a long-time parishioner.  Here’s a note of thanks from Ann about this year’s Diaper Drive.

Thousands of moms and babies like Reannin and Agnes are helped through the Christ the King annual diaper drive.  Because of you, moms choose life for their babies.  And after the baby is born, you help them nurture and care for their little one.

 So often we look out at the culture of death that surrounds us and we wonder, “What can I do about it?”.  It might seem so overwhelming that we feel powerless.  But as Christians, we are never powerless in the face of sin.  We believe in the power of prayer.  We believe that sharing God’s unconditional love is never fruitless.  And in this case, we believe that something as simple as buying a package of diapers might be exactly the gesture that a scared young mother-to-be needs to receive in order to choose life for her unborn child.  Thanks in advance for your generous support!