Project Description

The Bishop’s Appeal is upon us!  This weekend (as we usually do at this time of the year) we will show the appeal video at all Masses, followed by an opportunity for all parishioners to fill out a pledge card to offer their support to the appeal.  (Please note that there’s also an ongoing giving option which might be more convenient for many of you.  Visit for online giving.  This year, the goal set for us by the diocese is $159,766.75.


Some of you have asked me about the appeal in relation to the capital campaign.  As you recall, last year we didn’t show the appeal video or give pledge cards because we rolled last year’s goal into our campaign goal.  (We still paid our goal to the diocese; it just came from our campaign funds.)  This year, however, we’re back to the normal routine.  I know that many of you are still paying on your capital campaign pledges, so I simply ask you to discern what pledge is right for your family at this time.


The Bishop’s Appeal is an important source of funding for the diocese’s operating budget, paying for items such as the education of seminarians and the diocesan employees who support our Catholic schools, run ministry programs and manage their business operations.  Furthermore, any amount pledged over our goal comes directly back to the parish, which is always a huge help.  Thanks so much for your generosity to the Bishop’s Appeal in the past, and I’m grateful for whatever you’re able to pledge this year.