Growing in Faith

Faith formation at Christ the King include all parish activities and initiatives that seek to educate and strengthen people in the Catholic faith. Formation of our children and young people happens each and every day in our school, and for those not attending Catholic school, our Religious Education Program provides catechesis and sacramental preparation. Ongoing formation for adults takes the form of various learning opportunties and prayer experiences, both within special interest groups and the parish at large. For those interested in joining the Catholic faith, RCIA and RCIC classes provide the chance to learn, grow, and journey toward the Sacraments of Initiation.

“The disciples followed the Lord Jesus in his ministry of proclaiming the kingdom and healing the afflicted. Jesus also spent long days alone with his disciples, speaking to them of the mysteries of his kingdom and forming them to the point when they too could be sent on his mission. Later they would return for his comment and for a deeper hearing because of what they had experienced. Later still they were visited by the fire of his Spirit, who transformed their understanding of all he had ever taught them. We too are sent to his mission as men formed and in need of lifelong formation for his service.” —Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross (6.56)


[Are you thirsting for something in your life?  Do you ever stop to think, “There has to be more to life than chasing my ‘to do’ list?  Are you needing hope or looking for peace? Are you interested in learning more about Jesus, who gives living water?  Do you know someone like this?  If you are interested in becoming Catholic click here or call our parish office for more information.]